Friday, December 10, 2010

Without the idiotic childish cowardly heaven belief, every religion would be extinct.

Take away heaven and nobody would bother believing in any other religious bullshit. Churches, mosques, and synagogues would have no customers, and the world's worthless preachers, priests, rabbis, and clerics would have to get real jobs.

Eradicating something as ridiculous as the heaven belief should be easy. It has no evidence, it's impossible, and nothing could be more obvious than the fact that heaven is exactly what a coward would wish for.

But it's not easy to get rid of the heaven fantasy. Everyone who is intelligent enough to figure out "life after death" is bullshit has already thrown it out. Those who still believe in it are just too fucking stupid, too afraid, too gullible, and too childish to grow up.

Asshole preachers love the heaven idea because they know their worthless careers depend on it. They also love the hell idea because there's nothing like threatening torture to keep the money coming from their gullible idiot customers. Sermons are usually full of these threats and rewards, because it's good for business. What preachers love most is the fact that their sucker customers can't ask for their money back after they drop dead.

What do normal people (also known as atheists) have to offer these cowardly morons? We can tell them that after their worthless pathetic lives are over with, they become worm food and nothing else. We can tell them to grow up and accept reality. We can suggest that they are being greedy to expect more than one life. They should be grateful they are alive at all, considering the odds against ever being born.

What cowardly Christians and Muslim terrorists need to understand is they should stop wasting the one life they have. They need to face facts. They are lucky to be alive at all and they should make the most of it. What many god nuts do instead is not care about their only real life because they have the delusion that death brings something better, something to look forward to, as if being a stinking corpse is a good thing.

The problem is the power of religious indoctrination, also known as brainwashing of young innocent children. After centuries of practice, every religion has become expert at destroying the minds of their victims, their own children. This is the worst possible kind of child abuse and it's legal.

If you're a young person reading this there's still some hope for you. You need to understand your parents are idiots. Don't be like them, and don't be like your other ancestors going back several centuries. Each generation, for hundreds of years, has been brainwashed just like you have been. It's got to stop somewhere, and it might as well be your generation. Don't be stupid all your lives. Don't waste the one life you got. Tell your religious leaders to fuck off. Join the 21st century. You will be forever grateful you learned how to do that.

Worship Me or I'll Torture You FOREVER.
-- Your Loving God

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