Monday, December 13, 2010

Christian idiots never stop showing off their breathtaking stupidity.

Listen to a Christian complain about evolution and you will hear a fucking idiot pretending he knows what he's talking about, when it's obvious he knows nothing. These Christian assholes are full of shit and they are cowards. Too cowardly to grow up and educate themselves. Instead they pretend they know more about biology than all the world's biologists. These Christian retards can't even spell biology.

I found this Louisiana news website. There were three comments, all written by retarded Christian assholes who proved they are scientifically illiterate. I left the following comments there:

"At least Louisiana children will be taught science correctly."

That would be correct if the biology teachers were competent. But how many biology teachers in a backward god-soaked state like Louisiana know anything about biology? I hope I'm wrong but I would bet Louisiana is infested with Christian biology teachers who need to be fired. Christians are terrified of science and they are not qualified to teach it.

Chinaman2 wrote "He never learned in medical school that evolution is a THEORY and has no scientific basis."

You don't know what you're talking about. Evolution is a basic scientific fact. You don't even know what a scientific theory is. If you don't know anything, and obviously you know nothing about science, you should just shut up about it instead of making a fool out of yourself.

1americanman, you have the same problem. You know absolutely nothing about science. You're superstitious and uneducated. You can't even spell "divine".

Chinaman2, who has already proved he is scientifically illiterate, complained "Anything that questions evolution is automatically branded as religion."

Chinaman2, since the only alternative to evolution is your childish religious belief in magical creationism or magical intelligent design creationism, it's fair to say anyone who denies the facts of evolution are denying those facts for religious reasons. And also because they are cowards. They fear evolutionary biology because this branch of science destroys the magical fantasy world they hide in.

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