Thursday, December 9, 2010

All preachers, pastors, priests, rabbis, and clerics are professional liars. They have to be dishonest to defend their worthless careers.

I left the following comment on a professional liar's blog.

You're a pastor so you have to be dishonest to defend your career. But if you were honest, you wouldn't use the code words "intelligent design". Instead you would call it what it really is, "supernatural magic".

If you were to go back thru your entire post and substitute the words ID and Intelligent Design with the word "magic" then you would have an honest article that looks as stupid as it really is.

An example:

"I find this critique of MAGIC interesting in that I have never run across one of the scientists within the MAGIC movement claiming to make an inherently ontological argument about the continual, metaphysical connection between God and the universe."

See how dumb and childish that looks when you don't use code words for what you're really talking about.

Intelligent design = magic = bullshit.

Your Magical Intelligent Design Creationism is not science. It's a fantasy for uneducated morons and the professional liars (people like you) who defend the religious beliefs of superstitious idiots.


The pastor, who published my comment (and I have to give him some credit for doing that), responded with more dishonesty. So I wrote another comment to fix it for him. Here it is:

You're still being dishonest. I fixed it for you.

"What your comment does is support my basic argument - instead of taking a real look at MAGIC, critics would rather throw feces."


Scientists took a "real look" at Magical Intelligent Design Creationism at the Dover trial, and they found it to be exactly what the Dover biology teachers already knew, it's 100% pure bullshit. Calling magic by a different name doesn't make it any less childish. But the professional liars still use these same code words (intelligent design) when even their retarded customers know it's just another name for "The Magic Man Did It".

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