Sunday, December 19, 2010

Religious scientists aren't discriminated against because they believe in a fairy. Their problem is they're insane and a disgrace to their profession.

Scientist alleges religious discrimination in Ky.

"An astronomer argues that his Christian faith and his peers's belief that he is an evolution skeptic kept him from getting a prestigious job as the director of a new student observatory at the University of Kentucky."

A University of Kentucky biology professor compared allowing this idiot to be director of their student observatory would be equivalent to having "the Creation Museum set up an outreach office in biology".

If you're one of the rare scientists who believes in a magical fairy, and even worse you're an evolution denier, you're a fake scientist and a disgrace to your profession. You made a bad career choice. You're more qualified to be a professional Bible Thumper. You certainly shouldn't be allowed near university students.

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