Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stupidity can't be fixed.

I left this comment at another blog. The person who owns the Jeebus blog is an uneducated moron, but no less retarded than any other Christian.

Human Ape said...

"The very basic tenants of evolution are highly religious: NATURAL selection and RANDOM mutation. These tenants arbitrarily and without scientific basis rule out purposeful design and guidance."

What do you mean "without scientific basis"? Evolution is the strongest fact of science, supported by 150 years of testing and tons of evidence you don't even know about.

Since when did every scientific fact that conflicts with your worthless Bible become a religious idea? Science is science. If it conflicts with your childish fantasies, that's your problem.

Before you start saying dishonest things like "without scientific basis" you should educate yourself. You have no right to say anything about evolution when it's so obvious you know nothing about it.

Your "purposeful design and guidance" are just fancy words for "magically created out of nothing". Using code words for magic does not make your magic any less childish and idiotic.

This question is ridiculous: "Do you have any evidence that our laws of physics are natural?"

Listen mister, if you want to believe in magic, it's up to you to provide evidence for it. It's not up to scientists to disprove your childish religious beliefs. It would be like disproving the existence of leprechauns. It's not necessary to do that because leprechauns is an idiotic idea, but no less idiotic than the insane stories in your disgusting Bible.

By the way, did you know natural selection is not random? Probably you didn't know that because you're too lazy to think and too cowardly to read a book that doesn't invoke your magic god fairy.

I compare this conversation to talking to a dog. You have no interest in learning anything. You only want to defend your dead Jeebus because you're too cowardly and too feeble to grow up.

I'm a sucker to waste my time here. I won't be wasting any more time. If you're so afraid of reality you have to deny it, then you need a psychiatrist.


  1. I posted some Bible verses in my last comment and you mentioned I was a Bible thumper who didn't care to learn anything. So I wondered what your thought were on the blood vessels found in the 80 million year old Hadrosaur. Do you think it might have been that magic you always talk about that preserved them that long?
    One more question and you never seem to answer this when I ask. You continually call christians stupind, uneducated, retarded, morons. Do you believe Isaac Newton was a retard? Lastly, I keep reading your posts and you keep talking about a God of the gaps. God is not just in the gaps. Just because science discovers the laws that God has set in place doesn't mean that they belong to science now and God has to find somewhere else to hide. IT'S ALL HIS, HE CREATED IT ALL, HE CONTROLS IT ALL. Please try to respond to all three of these questions, I would really like to know what you think.

  2. "Do you think it might have been that magic you always talk about that preserved them that long?"


    "Do you believe Isaac Newton was a retard?"

    NO. I believe he could have accomplished a lot more if he had never invoked magic for anything. I can forgive him (but not you) because he lived long before Darwin killed the magic hypothesis.

    "science discovers the laws that God has set in place"

    Natural processes don't need magical inventors. For example, saying that a magical creature invented natural selection is as stupid as saying gravity needed a magic god fairy to "set it in place". Natural processes work because that's reality. Magic, or what you call god, had nothing to do with it.

    Like I probably said before, I will stop ridiculing Christians if and when they stop living in the Dark Ages. Also, I would be willing to ignore superstitious weirdos if they ever learned how to stop brainwashing their own children. Let young people grow up and take their first science classes before they are permanently brain damaged by religious indoctrination. If Christians had the decency to stop mentally abusing children (their own children and everyone else's children if they could get away with it), then I would be happy to ignore their mental illness.

  3. I'll give you credit for one thing, Mr. Larimer. You give me interesting things to look up. I ignored the usual lies from the professional liars for Jeebus and found a real science website:

    In a follow-up to a story that aimed to genetically link Tyrannosaurus rex to chickens, a team of researchers has uncovered and sequenced a set of proteins belonging to the 80-million-year-old remains of a duck-billed hadrosaur.

    Fossil evidence and evidence from molecular biology shows the evolutionary relationship between modern birds and extinct dinosaurs, which is more bad news for the dead Jeebus, who by the way knew nothing about dinosaurs or evolution or anything else, despite his relationship with an all-knowing god (a Christian myth). Christians worship a dead uneducated moron who knew less about science than most 21st century grammar school students. Like Newton, I can forgive the dead Jeebus for knowing nothing. He lived at a time when virtually everyone was superstitious. Today in a world of never ending scientific progress, being superstitious (a Christian, Muslim, etc.) is inexcusable.


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