Sunday, December 19, 2010

Superstitious Christians believe in things. I don't believe in anything. I know with 100% certainty what is true and what isn't true.

Christians have faith. They love the word faith because it's their excuse to believe any bullshit, no matter how insane it is. For Christians faith is a virtue. Christian brainwashers tell children to have faith, as if having magical fantasies is a good thing.

Faith is not a virtue. It's a mental illness, and for most Christians (and Muslim terrorists) it's incurable. Most Christians have virtually no chance of ever throwing out the intense brainwashing they endured when they were children. To reinforce their faith, the preachers, whose careers depend on making sure Christians never recover from their disease, keep promising a magical heaven as a reward for believing in Jeebus, while promising eternal torture for any Christian who dares to have an original thought.

Fortunately thousands of Christians are able to grow up and throw out the Jeebus stupidity, but they are easily replaced by the next brainwashed generation. Thanks to the fine art of destroying young minds, preachers will never have to get a real job.

I don't believe in anything. I know what's true and I know what's bullshit. I know these things thanks to scientific evidence and simple common sense. For example I am 100% certain there are not any pink elephants orbiting Mars. I know elephants, no matter what their color, are not floating in outer space because that's a ridiculous idea. For the same reason I'm 100% certain there's no magic god fairy hiding in the universe somewhere, because that's as crazy as the orbiting elephants idea. Common sense is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately Christians don't have it.

I know what's true. I know that everything, from the beginning of the universe, to the development of the first simple living cells on Earth and the evolution of every species, was a natural process. Completely natural. No supernatural intervention from any magic fairies. I know these things thanks to scientific evidence and because I'm not an insane Christian.

Christians have a serious problem. It's their disease called faith. This disease is dangerous. Anyone who reads about the religious violence every day in the newspaper knows faith is dangerous. The faith disease also makes people stupid. Just look at Idiot America. We have millions of idiots who believe dinosaurs lived at the same time as people, despite overwhelming evidence that shows those creatures went extinct 65 million years before the development of modern human apes.

Faith also makes people assholes. Just look at the countless Christians who think they have every right to tell everyone else what they can do or not do in their private lives.

Is faith good for anything? Of course not. Believing in bullshit that couldn't possibly have any evidence can only waste a person's entire life. Faith needs to be eradicated.

Some Christians notice having faith in bullshit is not really good enough to justify their beliefs. So they invent evidence for their fantasies. An example is the most disgusting and most idiotic religious belief ever invented, a belief that the entire Christian religion depends on for its existence. The resurrection of the dead Jeebus corpse into a zombie.

These Christians invoke dead witnesses. Hundreds of these witnesses, according to gullible Christians, were convinced Jeebus returned to life after his internal organs were decomposing for three days. Jeebus was very dead, but then he was alive, and it must be true because those dead witnesses said it was true.

Christians, being the uneducated morons they are, don't even know what evidence is. Dead witnesses, especially witnesses who have been dead for twenty centuries, are not evidence for anything.

Also Christians, if you're going to make ridiculous fantastic claims, you're going to have to come up with some overwhelming and extremely fantastic scientific evidence to justify your bullshit. But the only thing Christians offer is some witnesses who were as gullible as today's retarded Christians.

Look it Christians. Dead people stay dead. That's a scientific fact. If you want to throw out scientific facts so you can live in a childish magical fantasy world, that's fine with me. Just don't complain when normal people ridicule you relentlessly for the rest of your pathetic wasted lives.

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