Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christian faith requires rejecting science. Accepting science requires throwing out supernatural bullshit.

I was a bit late arriving at this website which is 4 months old: Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution by Jonathan Dudley

It has 4,821 comments, a bit more visitors than I get, and comments are closed. This post is what I would have written there.

I don't know if Dudley is a Christian or an atheist wimp who sucks up to Christians. Whatever he is he gets everything wrong except for a nice summary of some of the evidence for evolution.

He makes idiotic claims like "Christians must accept sound science, not because they don't believe God created the world, but precisely because they do."

It would be nice if Christians were not science deniers but what's this bullshit about god created the world? Where's your evidence Dudley? Are you forgetting scientists have already figured out the formation of solar systems and they don't invoke a fairy's magic wand to explain it.

What you need to understand, Dudley, or what you may already understand but you think being dishonest is a good way to convince idiots to grow up, is 21st century science has made every god ever invented unnecessary. A god did not create this planet. It didn't create the universe. It didn't create anything and it didn't invent anything including all natural processes.

Perhaps Dudley, since you're so good at describing the evidence for evolution, you could provide evidence for the god fantasy which I think you know is bullshit.

Too many suck-ups think being dishonest is a good way to convince Christian morons to accept science. Their problem is Christians might be stupid but they can recognize a liar when they see him.

Another problem I have with Dudley is he talks about theistic evolution as if that's a good thing, a compromise for cowards who don't want to throw out their invisible friend and their magical heaven fantasy which makes terrorism possible. Dudley, I think you know theistic-anything is bullshit. Attaching the superstitious word theistic to any branch of science just pollutes it, and it's an insult to the world's scientists.

Christians have a choice, they can accept evolutionary biology as pure science without any magic or magical inventor, or they can continue living in the Dark Ages, disgracing their country and being part of an organization responsible for the extremely immoral brainwashing of innocent children, and the out of control religious stupidity and religious violence.

The choice is contributing to human progress or getting in the way. Idiots who use the worthless adjective theistic for the foundation of biology are just getting in the way.

If people believe in a god, or if other people have not completely ruled out a possibility of a god, those people are insane and they need to be told they're insane.

Believing in a magical god or not ruling it out is equal to believing in a magical Easter Bunny, equally childish, equally stupid. Theists and agnostics are idiots and they need to grow up.

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