If you look at the universe and study the universe, what you find is that there is no evidence that we need anything other than the laws of physics and the other laws of science to explain everything we see. There's absolutely no evidence that we need any supernatural hand of god. -- Lawrence Krauss, World-Renowned Physicist
There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms. -- Encyclopedia Britannica
FAITH. No one word personifies the absolute worst and most wicked properties of religion better than that. Faith is mind-rot. It’s the poison that destroys critical thinking, undermines evidence, and leads people into lives dedicated to absurdity. It’s a parasite regarded as a virtue. -- PZ Myers
Religion is the antithesis of science, an anesthetic for the mind that disables critical thought and encourages the acceptance of inanity as fact, and wishful thinking as evidence. -- PZ Myers

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why cowardly Christian assholes attack science education

The most important point I've been trying to make on this blog is evolution, more than any other basic fact of science, completely destroys every religious fantasy and every god fairy ever invented. I've already written 63 posts about this subject (please click the religious implications of evolution label).

This post is about why the religious implications of evolution has motivated America's idiot Christians to attack the teaching of evolution in our public schools. It's a serious problem because even though the cowardly Christian assholes always lose in court they have still very successfully dumbed down science education thanks to their relentless harassment of biology teachers.

America's irrational fear of evolutionary biology is so out of control our politicians are more likely to get elected if they're uneducated morons, and our school boards which make decisions about science curriculums are infested with science deniers.

Biologists don't walk into churches to complain about the idiotic Genesis myth in the Bible. So why are Christians constantly trying to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs (I mean besides the fact Christians are stupid assholes)?

Try to imagine what it's like to be the Christians (also known as deranged imbeciles) who have spent several years training their children to grow up to be uneducated morons just like mom and dad. They have repeatedly drilled into their children the Genesis myth, teaching it as an established fact, a fact so important that rejecting it means eternal torture in a magical hell. The whole point of this child abuse is to make sure their children are saved by the dead Jeebus, saved from being tortured by their asshole god. Then the children's biology teacher explains how modern human apes developed from ancient apes who lived millions of years ago. The students immediately notice the religious implications of this scientific fact. They realize Genesis is bullshit and their parents are idiots.

The parents are not too pleased to find out their children's biology teacher has the nerve to teach the foundation of biology so they do what comes naturally to Christian assholes. They attack the teacher. They yell at her. They harass her. They threaten her. The threats don't end until they have intimidated the teacher enough so that she just throws out the evolution lessons. Then without evolution all the students think biology is boring and they learn nothing, which is exactly what Christian scum want, never caring about everyone else's children who are being cheated.

America's Christian asshole problem is out of control. The solution? Fight back. Instead of just defending science education it's necessary to attack Christianity. The long term goal should be the complete eradication of the Christian Death Cult from America.

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  1. I agree with your view. Yet atheists & agnostics can take courage; the high priests and spokesmen of the Abrahamic religions are in a losing fight and I believe they know it. The evidence of evolution will only continue to mount, and eventually its truth will be impossible to deny. Christianity is destined to suffer the same fate every religion has suffered ..extinction.
    What worries me is Islam -it's even worse, grossly retarded and violent. Eventually it will have to be banned in the west by law