Thursday, June 9, 2011

An amateur asshole for Jeebus invokes a professional asshole for Jeebus.

I wrote the following comment on a science-denier's blog:

Human Ape said...

"In our day, atheism is more the established religion."

Therefore, according to you, non-religious people are religious.

"Anyone in the media, academia, or the school system who dares to question the prevailing orthodoxy of evolutionism is subject to likely effective self-immolation."

Evolution is called "evolution", not "evolutionism".

This is one of my favorite quotes and I suggest you read it and at least try to understand it: "The idea that proponents of ID creationism have been discriminated against is based on a misconception - namely, that every idea is of equal merit. ID creationists aren't able to gain acceptance for their ideas not because of philosophical resistance, discrimination, or conspiracy, but because their ideas are stupid."

"more than eight hundred doctoral scientists"

This is from the professional liars for Jeebus of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute. On their list are mostly engineers. Engineers are not scientists. Also, some of these fake scientists are dead, and some of them were put on the list without their permission. All of them are morons, as are you. None of them has ever contributed anything important to biology.

John G. West, "Having a Real Debate"

What professional liar John West of the anti-science Christian Creationist Discovery Institute doesn't understand is there is NO debate. Evolution has been accepted as a basic fact of science for more than a century. Biologists sometimes debate the minor details but the truth of evolution is only debated by uneducated morons.

Evolution by natural selection is the strongest basic fact of science. The evidence is more massive and more powerful than Darwin could have ever imagined possible.

Evolution is how the world works. Denying the established truth of evolution is equivalent to denying all of reality.

Fortunately something good can be said about science deniers like yourself. You are showing your idiotic belief in a magic god fairy totally depends on throwing out 21st century science. How much longer can your childish fantasies survive if you have to throw out a century of scientific progress to believe in it?

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