Saturday, June 18, 2011

Idiot America's Miss USA contestants are uneducated morons. What a surprise!

A big part of being an attractive woman is having a brain, so why are these Christian retards in a beauty pageant?

From the Christian Taliban Post (The comments are interesting. One of the Christian tards invoked Satan. It's impossible to be more stupid than a Christian asshole.):

While many contestants expressed an openness to include evolution in public schools, one contestant – Miss Kentucky Kia Ben-et Hampton – said that evolution should not be taught, alluding to the differing opinions expressed in the scientific and religious communities.

Miss Mississippi Keeley Patterson discredited evolution in her answer. "I think evolution should be taught as what it is; it's a theory, so I don't think it should be taught as fact."

A few other contestants including Miss Nebraska Haley Jo Herold, Miss Alaska Jessica Chuckran and Miss New Hampshire LacyJane Folger answered affirmatively, but expressed their desire to see the other side – such as creationism – given equal time in the classroom.

Chuckran said in her answer, "I think it's necessary that evolution is taught in schools... However, personally, I do not believe in evolution. I believe that each one of us were (sic) created for a purpose by God and that just gives my life so much more direction and meaning."

Miss North Carolina Brittany York responded, "I think it's great to get both sides of the story. I'm personally a Christian so I believe the Bible's version but you can't push opinions or beliefs on children so they need to know every side that's out there. So yes, I do believe that (evolution) should be taught but so should the other side of the story."

Every single one of these airheads is an uneducated moron. Evolution (the strongest basic fact of science) is the foundation of biology so it must be part of every biology lesson. Magical creationism is a fantasy for idiots. It doesn't belong in a 21st century science classroom.

This is interesting. Only two out 51 contestants answered the evolution question correctly (which shows that Idiot America is the most backward uneducated country in the Western world.) Only two of the 51 contestants could bring themselves to answer yes.

Watch this YouTube video only if you have a high tolerance for insanity: The stupidity burns.

I wrote a second post about the Christian airheads in the Miss USA contest. Please see America's students are being cheated. Most of them are learning nothing about science.

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