Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christians are a bit more civilized than they use to be, but they still have a lot in common with terrorists.

Here's three headlines in yesterday's Tuesday 2/22/2011 New York Times, which means these three atrocities occurred on the same day, Monday 2/21/2011. This is normal for the terrorist organization called Islam. They are responsible for about three suicide bombings every single day of every single year. There must be thousands of these retarded assholes waiting for their turn to blow themselves up so they can go to their magical paradise.

31 Killed in Suicide Attack At Afghan Census Office

Suicide Bomber Strikes Iraq Police Station

Insurgents Stage Suicide Attack on Somali Police Base

Way to go Muslims. You must be proud because it's impossible to be more insane.

You moderate Muslims (as if being a fucking idiot is moderate), you're part of the problem. No matter how peace-loving you are, you belong to a suicide bomber religion and that makes you scum, lower than a cockroach. If you had any moral values, any sense of decency, you would publicly throw your idiotic violent cult in the garbage. Of course you will never do that because every single one of you is a stupid asshole.


Hello Christians. You are also lower than a cockroach. You might think you're moderate (as if there's something moderate about believing in the disgusting Resurrection of Jeebus into a zombie) but you're still scum, not much better than the terrorists. In fact some of you Christian assholes are terrorists. I recently wrote a post about some Christian retards who chased a Jewish family out of town, and other tards who threatened to murder a federal judge and his family. Another post is about Christian assholes who try to intimidate biology teachers. Please see Christians are terrorists and These cowardly Christian assholes.

You might be a nice old lady who goes to church every Sunday but you're still almost equal to a terrorist.


Because you share their idiotic cowardly childish belief in a magical heaven. And guess what makes terrorism possible, Ms. Nice Old Lady.

There's a lot more things Christians have in common with the terrorists (besides being gullible superstitious cowards).

Another belief Christians share with terrorists is magical intelligent design creationism, as if there's some fairy with a magic wand creating species out of nothing. It's amazing how retarded you people are.

Both Christianity and the Islam Terrorist Organization share a belief in supernatural magic, or what you tards call miracles. If you're a Christian or a terrorist you believe in magic.

Then of course there's the magic god fairy itself. It has never shown itself. There's no evidence for it. But that doesn't stop you tards from praying to it.

I already talked about heaven. There is no second existence you bloody idiots. When you're dead you're dead, just like the cockroach I stepped on last week. If you can't understand this simple reality you're a pathetic moron.

Muslim terrorists think their heaven belief is normal partly because most Americans believe the exact same cowardly bullshit.

My point is, Christians, you're part of the terrorism problem. If you had any sense of decency you would try something you have never done before: THINK.

I know thinking makes your dead Jeebus cry, but why don't you Christian tards give it a try anyway. Think about how many miracles are required to make your childish heaven fantasy work. Think about how much your dead Jeebus has to wave his magic wand to make all this bullshit happen.

My point is if you believe in the dangerous heaven belief, you're not just an asshole who indirectly supports terrorism. You're a fucking idiot. Grow up.

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