Monday, February 14, 2011

First Tunisia, then Egypt. Maybe the Iran theocracy will be next.

Iranian Police Fire Teargas at Protesters


  1. The way I see it, what the Middle East needs is a subversive culture of secularism, a force that pulls them away from the "spirit" and back into the reality of concrete physical existence. Show them how good an orgasm feels, give them a shot of whiskey, and a big old cigar. Set up a form of socialism in their countries, and provide for them better than any religion or God. These things have decimated religious belief in Europe, and they can do the same in the Middle East. In fact, if the Muslims of Europe can be fully secularized, perhaps it will flow backwards and change their parent societies?

  2. Show them too how good having a dog can be and that there's nothing better with eggs than bacon for breakfast. Point out that their (muzzy) societies are so much less successful than the heathen west and that by ditching the whole "Allah" and Mohummed(?)thing, things can only get better. They can get music into their lives, ditch the death worship and guilt and build good lives in the here and now.

  3. Yep, its all about slow corruption.


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