Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Bible thumpers and the Qur'an thumpers are right about one thing -- the religious implications of evolution.

The Holy Book thumpers are as brainwashed as it's possible to be, but they show that even the most retarded people can sometimes get at least one thing right.

The thumpers understand if evolution is true then all religious bullshit must be thrown out, including Jeebus, Mohammed, heaven, and the magic god fairy itself.

Since Jeebus and Mohammed were creationists of course they have to be tossed out if evolution is true.

The idiotic cowardly childish greedy idea there's a magical heaven for only our species has to be thrown out if we are only a small twig on the vast evolutionary tree of life.

And a god fairy who is not necessary for the origin of species is not likely to be necessary for anything else. Therefore if evolution is true the fairy is a myth.

I have zero respect for the thumpers but I have even less respect for the "moderate" Christians who pretend they accept evolution even though they pollute it with their fairy's magic wand. There's nothing more disgusting than an idiot Christian who makes a basic scientific fact part of his idiotic superstitious fantasies.

The people I have the most contempt for are the atheist wimps who suck up to Christians and dishonestly tell them they can accept both evolution and magic, and even worse they tell the Christians it's perfectly OK to mix science and magic together. I wonder why these suck-ups think their dishonesty is a good thing because even Christians know when they're being lied to.

By the way Bible thumpers and Qur'an thumpers, evolution is most definitely true, and every biologist in the world knows this most important fact of science is true. For example they know our closest living non-human cousins are the chimpanzee and bonobo apes because of something you thumpers have never been able to understand and you never will be able to understand. It's called scientific evidence. Evidence you will never know about because you're too bloody lazy and/or cowardly to study it.

Not to worry thumpers. You may never understand reality, your brainwashed children may never understand reality, but eventually, thanks to better science education, your future descendants will be able to figure out the history of life as explained by evolutionary biology is many times more interesting than the gibberish in your holy books. They will also find out evolution has the advantage of being the strongest fact of science.

Thumpers, your Christianity and your Islam will go extinct eventually for the same reason Zeus is extinct today. Your cults are bullshit and history has shown that bullshit can't last forever.

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  1. " I wonder why these suck-ups think their dishonesty is a good thing because even Christians know when they're being lied to".The whole christian show is built around a steaming pile of lies. Christians really don't know when they're being lied to. If they did, they'd believe none of it. But they do, at least some do, I'm sure there are many who don't but because of peer or family pressure can't admit it. It's so simple not to believe because the whole lot is such abvious bullsh*t and one doesn't need to be paticularly intellegent to see this, even though stats. tells that non believers are as a group more intellegent than deluded belivers. I 'spose to be deluded would suggest limited intellectual capacity.


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