Friday, February 25, 2011

Christian retards infest the school board of a Chicago suburb.

The Christian war against science education in Idiot America is not limited to the Deep South. In a Chicago suburb there are four candidates for the local school board. Every single one of them is a Christian asshole who wants to force biology teachers to teach supernatural magic.


Hello Christian morons. Here's some facts.

Creationism is magic.

Magic isn't real.

Forcing your magic into public schools is a violation of the Establishment Clause of our constitution.

Biology teachers would never agree to teach your magical bullshit.

They would rather teach the foundation of biology in their biology classrooms.

The foundation of biology is evolution.

Evolution is a basic scientific fact you fucking retards.

You assholes are traitors.

Shut the fuck up or get out of my country.

You can read about these Cockroaches-For-Jeebus here:


2/26/2011 UPDATE:

I went back to the news website and I found this gem in the comments:

"Mr. Darwin said his theory would fall apart if transitional fossil records were not found. They have never been found. Yes, there is evolution: changes within species over time. But THERE IS NO EVIDENCE of any evolution of any new species in the fossil records. Why do people try so hard to believe it? It actually requires a larger leap of faith over an imaginary gap in the fossil record than it requires to have faith in the creation story. DO YOUR OWN REAL RESEARCH ON DARWIN-- away from the emotion and hype. Evolutionary theory as Darwin laid it out has failed the test. Even HE would not accept it today. The two points of view should be presented side-by-side so that students can engage in critical thinking on their own. Or are we now telling students WHAT to think?

There are no fossils of transitional species? The evolution denier is an uneducated moron. What a surprise!

The fossils are priceless and they help scientists understand the history of life, but thanks to other branches of science like molecular biology fossils are not necessary to call evolution an established truth. Do you understand Mr. Asshole-For-Jeebus?

The massive evidence for evolution requires faith?

Should everyone throw out the discoveries of the thousands of biologists to become a magical creationist retard like you?

The foundation of biology is a point of view?

Science and magic should be presented side-by-side?

"Or are we now telling student WHAT to think?"

Science teachers teach their students HOW to think. You obviously never learned how to do that you fucking superstitious idiot.

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