Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Catholic priests do to children is worse than terrorism, and the idiot pope is part of the problem.

If you're a Catholic you need to read this. If you're still a Catholic after reading about these atrocities, you're morally corrupt.

From today's Sunday 2/13/2011 New York Times Magazine:

Of the various crises the Catholic Church is facing around the world, the central one — wave after wave of accounts of systemic sexual abuse of children by priests and other church figures — has affected Ireland more strikingly than anywhere else. And no place has reacted so aggressively. The Irish responded to the publication in 2009 of two lengthy, damning reports — detailing thousands of cases of rape, sexual molestation and lurid beatings, spanning Ireland’s entire history as an independent country, and the efforts of church officials to protect the abusers rather than the victims — with anger, disgust, vocal assaults on priests in public and demands that the government and society disentangle themselves from the church.

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  1. Those poor Irish. Sh*tty weather, nothing other than potato to eat and the catholics still wielding enormous power in their green and fertile land. It is good to read that the church is slowly getting disentangled from Irish society. That can only be a good thing. Maybe a lessening in god thing belief can be a positive that comes from a recession.


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