Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christian parents and professional Christian assholes train students to not trust their biology teachers.

Several branches of the Christian Death Cult are famous for their anti-science fantasies. For them the childish bullshit in Genesis is an established truth, and the reality of evolutionary biology is "just a theory" which they think means "just a wild guess that has no evidence". They are of course wrong about the definition of a scientific theory and they're wrong about the evidence (there's tons of it).

How do these anti-science cults exist in a 21st century world of amazing scientific discoveries? For the idiots of Idiot America scientific progress and science education are not a big problem. They have more than a century of experience in dumbing down science education and they are supported by Idiot America's lucrative Liars-For-Jeebus industry. Even when they are unable to intimidate biology teachers to get the foundation of biology (evolution) removed from all biology lessons, even when they are unable to get unconstitutional laws passed to give Intelligent Design (AKA supernatural magic) equal treatment in science classrooms, they know their children have been brainwashed enough to ignore and/or not trust anything their teacher says about evolution. Even the very best biology teachers are often not able to convince their zombie students to try to understand how evolution works and why evolution is the strongest and most important basic fact of science.

Too frequently in Idiot America it's not necessary for Christian assholes to harass and threaten the biology teacher because the teacher is a Christian retard who teaches magical intelligent design creationism (AKA Genesis) instead of evolution. In a normal country these incompetent morons would be fired and publicly humiliated but in Idiot America nobody complains.

What about the 2005 Dover trial? Science education won and angry voters threw out the Christian assholes on the Dover school board. The Dover trial was a great victory for science but America's anti-science cults are more popular than ever. No matter how excellent is the science education, it's still a major challenge to undo the religious brainwashing that destroys young minds long before their first science class.

The solution is to not wait until high school to teach evolution. Christian scum teach their children magical creationism at an extremely young age. Therefore teaching evolution starting in First Grade (age 6) should be mandatory for America's public schools. And students who go to religious schools must be required to attend public school science classes (also starting at age 6). Small children have the right to know what they are (they're apes) and how their species developed. They also have the right to grow up to be normal and sane, and not be uneducated morons like their superstitious cowardly Christian parents.

I should love to have everybody taught about evolution from a fairly early age, because it is so important, so exciting. It answers so many questions and mysteries; it solves so many problems. Until you know about it, you're wandering around on this Earth looking at trees and birds and flowers, not knowing why any of them is there. Evolution is the answer to that riddle, so you're not really a whole person if you don't know where you come from and why you exist. And it's not difficult. It's not like relativity, it's not like quantum theory – it's something teachable to fairly young children.
-- Richard Dawkins


  1. |Good parents teach their children not to trust priests of any religion nor religious apologists.

    Good parents teach their children

    * not to believe advertisements
    * to detect circular arguments
    * to notice undefined terms
    * to recognize argument from authority
    * to distinguish anecdotes from data
    * to recognize that if you can't imagine disproving something, it's not testable by science
    * to recognize begging the question
    * to reject proof by assertion
    * to ask what the arguer has to gain from your belief, especially money or power
    * to question assumptions
    * to reject all-or-nothing thinking

    Nice post!

  2. Nice comment. Thanks for contributing it to my blog.


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