Saturday, December 4, 2010

I love evolution.

Evolutionary biology is for me the most interesting branch of science. The theory of evolution describes how every species, both alive today and extinct, developed from one common ancestor who lived almost four billion years ago when the first simple living cells got a foothold on earth. The history of life is an amazing story and new discoveries have made evolution more exciting than ever.

One reason it's important to teach evolutionary biology is it's the one branch of science that is most likely to make students love science instead of being bored by it or fearing it. Unfortunately a large percentage of Idiot America's population is constantly trying to suppress or dumb down the teaching of evolution, either by getting anti-constitutional laws passed, or by electing uneducated morons (also known as Christians) to school boards, or by harassing and threatening biology teachers. The Christian idiots seem to be winning their war against science education, despite the fact they always lose in court, because America has the most scientifically illiterate population in the Western world. We are about even with the Muslim countries. About equally stupid.

The problem is the idea that every species developed from common ancient ancestors seems impossible to America's vast population of retards (Christians). So they either deny the whole thing, or even worse they accept evolution but pollute it with their dead Jeebus, as in Jeebus invented or used or guided evolution, especially the development of modern human apes. They got to stick Jeebus in there somewhere because they desperately need to find something for their supernatural magician to do. Also, they need to pretend people are a special god-favored species to justify their cowardly idiotic childish belief in heaven. So they can't accept the facts of evolutionary biology without polluting those facts with their god fairy's magic wand.

The pure creationists (god made everything out of nothing) are so hopelessly brainwashed and brain-dead that it's a waste of time to reason with them. The other Christians who think they accept evolution (but they're really creationists because they stick their creator in there) are equally retarded and equally impossible to reason with. Their problem is their mental illness called Christianity which is almost always incurable.

The target audience for this blog are young people, still in high school, still living with their idiot parents, and still being forced to waste their Sunday mornings in church. Many thousands of these students are noticing that their parents and their preachers are retarded superstitious weirdos and they are starting to wonder if there's a better alternative than being stupid all their lives.

These young people need to understand they are victims. They've been lied to by their parents and preachers who are so bloody stupid and brainwashed themselves they don't even know they're being dishonest.

Here's some facts to consider. Every Christian belief is 100% pure bullshit. There was no Resurrection. There is no disgusting hell. There is no equally disgusting magical heaven. Jeebus was a stupid piece of shit, and there's no magic god fairies.

Everything, and I mean everything, has been explained by 21st century science. Scientists will be working out the minor details until our species goes extinct, but they got a pretty good idea how everything works, including how the universe began, the development of solar systems, how life got a foothold on earth (and probably a few million other planets), and how every species evolved from one common ancestor. Everything, including the evolution of people, was all natural processes. There's nothing left for the magic god fairy of the gaps. There's nowhere to hide the dead Jeebus. Every branch of science, especially evolutionary biology, has totally killed the god idea. God is not dead. It never existed.

Please consider these facts young people. Then after you become a normal person, also known as a science loving atheist, please tell your parents for me that they need to grow up, educate themselves, and face facts. There is no sky daddy watching over us. We are all alone here, and all human progress depends on us. Jeebus is dead and decomposed, and that worthless preacher man and every other magic fairy ever invented is never going to do us any good, because there's no magic, also known as god, in the universe.


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