Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jeebus was an ape. Christians worship a dead ape.

Uneducated morons, also known as Christians, often say something like "My ancestors are not apes". They don't realize that not only did their species develop from ancient apes, people are still apes.

Here's some scientific facts. These are not opinions. These are the strongest facts of science.

About six million years ago the common ancient ape ancestors of people and chimps split into two lineages. One lineage developed into modern chimpanzees. The other lineage developed into modern humans. Modern chimpanzees are still apes. Modern humans are still apes. During the six million years of our development we lost quite a bit of hair and our brain became much larger, but we are still apes. The modern Great Ape species include chimpanzee apes, bonobo apes, human apes, gorilla apes, and orangutan apes. Chimpanzee apes are more closely related to human apes than they are to gorillas and orangutans.

These scientific facts, supported by massive powerful evidence from molecular biology, can be found in any encyclopedia. The idea that people are still apes is a fact.

This means Jeebus, a worthless preacher man who was as retarded as today's preachers, was just an ape. Christians worship a dead stupid ape.

The religious implications are obvious. Christianity is 100% pure bullshit.

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