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Snub-nosed monkeys

BBC News - The picture was taken by Marsel van Oosten in China's Qinling Mountains.

"I am happy that it is with this particular image because it is an endangered species and one that very few people even know exists and it is important that we realise that there are a lot of species on this planet that are under threat."

Two snub-nosed monkeys are pictured resting on a stone and staring intently into the distance.

Google Translate is my friend.

евгений пустовалов
губкин, Russia

Evgeny Pustovalov
Gubkin, Russia

I just played chess with Evgeny Pustovalov in Gubkin, Russia.

Where is Gubkin? I will look it up.

I noticed it's near Ukraine.

Gubkin is a town in Belgorod Oblast, Russia, located 138 kilometers (86 mi) northeast of Belgorod on the Oskolets River, a tributary of the Oskol River. Population: 88,560 (2010 Census).

SPE Student Chapter Gubkin University Holds Annual Report Meeting. Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Everything you always wanted to know about Neanderthal fossils.

My ancestors are from western Europe (Luxembourg and Ireland) so it's very likely 3% of my genome is from Neanderthals.

Jerry Coyne's website - Neanderthal bones in Croatia

Kenmore refrigerator

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LINDA RONSTADT ~ Talk To Me Of Mendocino ~

I bid farewell to the state of New York My home away from home In the state of New York I came of age When first I started roaming And the trees grow high in New York state And they shine like gold in the autumn Never had the blues from whence I came But in New York state, I got 'em Talk to me of Mendocino Closing my eyes I hear the sea Must I wait, must I follow Won't you say come with me And it's on to south bend, Indiana Flat out on the western plain Rise up over the rockies and down on into California Out to where but the rocks again And let the sun set on the ocean I will watch it from the shore Let the sun rise over the redwoods I'll rise with it till I rise no more Talk to me of Mendocino Closing my eyes I hear the sea Must I wait, must I follow Won't you say come with me

Autumn in New York.

Genesis translated.

In the beginning, the Earth was begun.
God rubbed his hands and said, "What fun!"
"I'll make a world, I'll make it big!"
"And I'll plant apples, pears, and fig!"
"Oh, no! Wait, wait! I did that wrong!"
"I need a Sun to come along!"
And so God made the sun to rise,
Before the plants could realize
They needed sunlight to survive,
But God's quick trick kept them alive!

-- Corvus Blackthorne

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pope Francis is a stupid fucking asshole.

Famous scientist: "There is no God." My reply: "No shirt Sherlock."

As found this at Jerry Coyne's website at Just for the record, Hawking was an atheist.

What Stephen Hawking wrote in his final book:

“There is no God. No one directs the universe,” he writes in “Brief Answers to the Big Questions.”

“For centuries, it was believed that disabled people like me were living under a curse that was inflicted by God,” he adds. “I prefer to think that everything can be explained another way, by the laws of nature.”


Just because a famous scientist says something that doesn't make it true.

However this time of course it's true. Nothing could be more simple because it's reality. The only alternative is a childish belief in magic which is ridiculous and impossible.

What I wrote at the New York Times about the special substance which became legal in Canada today.

Way to go Canada. I'm still waiting for Florida to make the special substance legal. I would like to buy a marijuana edible to help me sleep at night.


New York Times - Canada Makes Marijuana Legal, and a National Experiment Begins

Did the Magic Jeebus Man exist? Probably not but it doesn't matter. The moron preacher is dead. Good riddance.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A comment I wrote at the New York Times about President Fucktard Trump.

New York Times - Trump Jumps to the Defense of Saudi Arabia in Khashoggi Case

The comment I wrote:

President Trump likes to make things up but his fans don't care. They appreciate America having the best economy in the world, thanks to the tax reform bill and getting rid of unnecessary regulations. They notice Trump is pro-business while the Democrats want to raise taxes on businesses.


I voted for the Democrats. I don't like Democrats but I hate Republicans because they're anti-environment and anti-science assholes.

Something I wrote for a moron who has a problem with the Christian cult he belongs to.

Have you tried reality (aka atheism)?

No magic god fairies, no magical miracles, no magical resurrections, no magical 2nd life.

It's just reality which has the advantage of being both interesting and real.


In other news I noticed Google's YouTube videos have been hacked. The videos don't work. There is just something about trained monkeys who are trying to fix the problem.

UPDATE: The problem has been fixed.

HEAT God Moving Over The Face of the Waters - End Credits (Film Version) - Moby / Kronos Quartet - 8 MINUTES 18 SECONDS

I just played chess with someone in Mashhad, Iran. In his profile he wrote something that's very interesting.

Hi dear friends anywhere in the world. I am living in Mashhad. I don't have any relation with world politicians. But I believe that all the people of the world are my friends. I hope establishing of world peace. All people with all religious and racial prejudices in the world be friends together. Best regards
Mashhad, Iran


Everything you always wanted to know about Mashhad, Iran.

Mashhad is a city in northeast Iran, known as a place of religious pilgrimage. It’s centered on the vast Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, with golden domes and minarets that are floodlit at night. The circular complex also contains the tomb of Lebanese scholar Sheikh Bahai, plus the 15th-century, tile-fronted Goharshad Mosque, with a turquoise dome. Museums within the shrine include the Carpet Museum, with many rare pieces.

Wikipedia - Mashhad

Mashhad is the second most populous city in Iran and the capital of Razavi Khorasan Province. It is located in the northeast of the country, near the borders with Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. It has a population of 3,001,184 inhabitants (2016 census), which includes the areas of Mashhad Taman and Torqabeh. It was a major oasis along the ancient Silk Road connecting with Merv to the east.

The city is named after the "shrine" of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam. The Imam was buried in a village in Khorasan, which afterwards gained the name Mashhad, meaning the place of martyrdom. Every year, millions of pilgrims visit the Imam Reza shrine. The Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid is also buried within the shrine.

Mashhad has been governed by different ethnic groups over the course of its history. The city enjoyed relative prosperity in the Mongol period.

Mashhad is also known colloquially as the city of Ferdowsi, after the Iranian poet who composed the Shahnameh. The city is the hometown of some of the most significant Iranian literary figures and artists, such as the poet Mehdi Akhavan-Sales, and Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, the traditional Iranian singer and composer. Ferdowsi and Akhavan Sales are both buried in Tus, an ancient city that is considered to be the main origin of the current city of Mashhad.

On 30 October 2009 (the anniversary of the death of Imam Reza), Iran's then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared Mashhad to be "Iran's spiritual capital".

What I wrote at the New York Times about Christian assholes who want to throw out biology and climate science.

New York Times - Donald and the Deadly Deniers


What I wrote got 6 recommends:

Maybe it's a religious problem. The human-caused global warming deniers think this planet was magically created out of nothing for humans to destroy if it's lucrative to do that.

I noticed evolution deniers are almost always global warming deniers.


What somebody else wrote got 568 recommends:

Rima Regas
Southern California
October 15, 2018

Zinke, Scott Pruitt, Andrew Wheeler, Seema Verma, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo - all are picks Mike Pence provided Trump during the transition before his inauguration. Their one job is to search out and destroy regulations so the oligarchy can profit. Trump didn't have a political operation of his own, but Pence did. This administration is a Koch Brothers operation. Talking only about Trump gives the Kochs cover.

The entire top tier of the U.S government was staffed with Koch shills, with the intent purpose of rolling back legislation, regulations, rerouting funds to the industries whose funds have sustained the lobbying industry for decades. This is payback. The fruits of their lobbying expenses is finally paying off, on the backs of the American public. The earth will pay the price? Not a problem. People will be poisoned by toxins they can release into our waters and our air? No problem! The Treasury coffers are empty because taxes aren't being levied in sufficient amounts? No problem! The middle and working classes will take care of it.

Climate denial is the pretext for the grand theft that is being perpetrated. As Steve Cohen said on MSNBC this weekend:
"This is the biggest con job ever done."

Trump is merely the face of the oligarchy and a huge distraction from what they're doing while we, collectively, aren't looking.

'Things Trump Did While You Weren’t Looking'

Indonesia is a shithole country.

Religion in Indonesia

One peculiarity of the Indonesian government's stance on (freedom of) religion is that it recognizes six official religions only (namely Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism). Every Indonesian is required to embrace one of these religions as it is mandatory personal data that is mentioned in official documents such as passports and other identification cards.

Atheism is not an option and constitutes a socially unacceptable ideology in Indonesia (however there is no law that bans atheism). In recent years it has happened that Indonesians who published atheist worldviews on social networks were threatened by their local community and arrested by the police on charges of blasphemy; charges that can lead to imprisonment.


Indonesia, take your cowardly "blasphemy" bullshit and shove it somewhere.

Fuck you Indonesia.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Pope Francis is from Argentina where victims are accusing him of chilly indifference to clerical sex abuse.

Pope Francis is from Argentina where victims are accusing him of chilly indifference to clerical sex abuse.

This explains everything. What we have here is a pope who was covering up or ignoring child abuse before he was a pope and he is still doing this.

It's obvious to me every pope in Church history, starting from more than 1,000 years ago, has been covering up child abuse or abused children themselves.

There is only one way to fix the Catholic Church. It must be completely destroyed.


New York Times - The Pope and the Accusers

Can Francis change the church while stonewalling on sex abuse?

By Ross Douthat
Opinion Columnist

October 6, 2018

Let me ask you to do the impossible, tear your mind away from the Kavanaugh affair for a moment, and cast your eyes from the new Rome to the old one — from the American Empire’s judicial wars to the similar mix of scandal, polarization, and intrigue in the Roman Catholic Church.

The pontificate of Francis and the presidency of Donald Trump have been odd mirrors of one another for a while — populist leaders, institutional crises, norm violations, #metoo scandals, leaks and whistle-blowers and cries of “fake news” and more. And as the Trump era has moved toward its Kavanaugh crescendo, the Catholic drama has also escalated, with the church’s doctrinal conflict and its sex abuse scandal converging in a single destabilizing crisis.

This month the crux of the drama is the Synod on Young People, a meeting of bishops in Rome that like prior synods in the Francis era is a chance for the pope to prod some alteration of church teaching on sexuality through a process stage-managed to give the appearance of consensus.

No such consensus was evident in the prior two synods, in which the contested issue was divorce and remarriage, but the pope forged ahead with an ambiguous revision of church teaching, currently half-digested around the Catholic world. This time, thanks to his appointments there are fewer bishops in opposition, and the synod’s endgame is probably some ambiguously liberalizing statement on homosexuality, contraception or both.

The promise of such change would normally guarantee the pontiff a wave of favorable media coverage. But glowing profiles of Francis are no longer easy to write, because the pope is now besieged by sexual scandal and his initial response was in a style familiar from Trump-era American politics — a mix of stonewalling, scapegoating and literal demonization.

The most notable of his accusers, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, charged the pope and many prominent cardinals with having knowledge of the crimes of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and allowing him to maintain honor and influence nonetheless. Viganò’s allegations were flavored with conservative theological grievances, but their broad outline has held up under scrutiny, and the Vatican has finally been forced to promise, as of this weekend, a "thorough study of the entire documentation present in the Archives of the Dicasteries and Offices of the Holy See regarding the former Cardinal McCarrick." Whether this is a real investigation or a P.R. move remains to be seen, but it's a welcome change from the initial response, which consisted of sermons from Francis in which the pope likened himself to a silent, blameless Christ and claimed that the Great Accuser, the Devil, was at work in allegations against bishops.

If so, Lucifer seems to have a lot to work with, including a newfoundscrutiny of the pope’s tenure in Argentina, where victims are accusing him of chilly indifference to clerical sex abuse. The story is getting particular attention in Germany, home of many of Francis’ allies in the hierarchy; the newsmagazine Der Spiegel has a cover package that casts a cold eye on the pope, with harsh quotes from Argentines suggesting that “he protected for years rapists and abusers.”

To Francis’s allies much of the scandal is dismissed as a plot by his enemies, an attempted coup by frustrated conservatives.

But if so it’s the most ineffectual coup imaginable, with no actual plan for changing the direction of his pontificate. Michael Brendan Dougherty of National Review likened Viganò’s bombshell to the failed putsch by Turkish officers against Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which led nowhere because none of the higher-ups could execute a plan. So it is among the church’s conservative cardinals: To talk with anti-Francis churchmen is to encounter not Machiavellian plots but despair and bafflement and impotence.

Which the pope senses, seemingly, because his response to the scandals has been to refuse obvious adaptations — there have been no further resignations in his corruption-tainted inner circle, no Roman investigation of the American church despite the specific request for one from the American bishops — while plunging ahead boldly on other fronts. So far the current sex abuse agony has been punctuated by a papal revision of church teaching on the death penalty and a dramatic, high-risk deal with the Communist government in Beijing; this month’s synod may provide further doctrinal punctuation. No scandal is big enough, apparently, to derail the pope’s ambitions to leave the church permanently changed.

But this approach guarantees that the scandals will keep coming. As the bishops met in Rome, there was a story stateside about a group of American donors funding investigations into sexual and financial improprieties among the College of Cardinals, trying to expose the other red-hatted McCarricks before the next papal conclave rolls around.

This effort was quickly attacked as a right-wing witch-hunt, animated by an un-Catholic sense of the church as a contested political space. Which is a fair critique — except that the pope himself is the one driving the church to that point, by treating traditional piety as a roadblock to his efforts, by demonizing whistle-blowers in an age of awful scandal, and generally behaving less like a pastor than an ideologue in white.

The truth is that Francis can pre-empt the right-wing partisans with a Roman housecleaning, an American investigation, an accounting for both his own record and his predecessors’ failures. Perhaps all this will happen. The alternative, silence and stonewalling, promises a church permanently in flames.

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Ross Douthat has been an Opinion columnist for The Times since 2009. He is the author of several books, most recently, “To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism.”

You can follow him on Twitter: @DouthatNYT

A version of this article appears in print on Oct. 7, 2018, on Page SR9 of the New York edition with the headline: The Pope and the Accusers.

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I found this idiotic comment at the New York Times. This bullshit was written by an idiot who defended Pope Francis who has a long history of covering up child abuse. Other idiots defended the disgusting Catholic Church.

Miss Ley
New York

If Catholics continue to leave the Church, and use Pope Francis as a scapegoat, it is probable that faith in God was not well founded and planted in their spirit and heart. Brother Francis has asked that we not judge, or detach ourselves from The Human Condition.

There is not a lot of love for President Fucktard Trump at the New York Times.

New York Times - Trump Says ‘Rogue Killers’ May Be Involved in Saudi Journalist Case

President Trump said during his conversation with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, the king denied any knowledge about the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.

Published October 15, 2018

By Eileen Sullivan

WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Monday that he spoke with the king of Saudi Arabia and that the ruler denied any knowledge of what happened to a missing Saudi dissident journalist. After the call, Mr. Trump said it was possible that “rogue killers” were behind the disappearance of the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

Mr. Trump’s comments, in a morning Twitter post and later in brief remarks to reporters, come as the Saudis have given Turkish authorities permission to search the Saudi Consulate in Turkey, where local officials believe Mr. Khashoggi, was killed and dismembered earlier this month.

Just spoke to the King of Saudi Arabia who denies any knowledge of whatever may have happened “to our Saudi Arabian citizen.” He said that they are working closely with Turkey to find answer. I am immediately sending our Secretary of State to meet with King!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 15, 2018

The president said the secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was traveling to Saudi Arabia later Monday morning to meet with King Salman.

Mr. Trump said his conversation with King Salman lasted about 20 minutes, and the king “firmly denied any knowledge of it.”

“It sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers — who knows,” Mr. Trump said.

In introducing the possibility that another party could have been involved in Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance, the president opened a window for King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to stand by their denials.

If the Saudi leaders are found to be behind what happened to Mr. Khashoggi, Mr. Trump would probably face more pressure from Congress and other countries to respond.

Mr. Trump acknowledged the international focus on Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance and Turkish reports that he was dismembered in his conversation with King Salman. Mr. Trump said he told the king, “The world is watching. The world is talking, and this is very important to get to the bottom of.”

American intelligence agencies had previously intercepted communications of Saudi officials discussing a plan to draw Mr. Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia from his home in exile in the Washington area and then detain him, a former senior American official said last week.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential intelligence reports, said it was possible that this type of plan could have been carried out without the knowledge of the Saudi rulers.

Senator Christopher S. Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, wrote in a Twitter post on Monday that he had heard the Saudis were pushing a “rogue killers” theory and called it “extraordinary” that the kingdom was able to get the president on board.

Been hearing the ridiculous “rogue killers” theory was where the Saudis would go with this. Absolutely extraordinary they were able to enlist the President of the United States as their PR agent to float it.— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) October 15, 2018

Mr. Trump previously said the episode would not have an impact on American relations with Saudi Arabia, a close ally in the Middle East. But Mr. Trump was already facing pressure from some in Congress to respond to the Saudis with some kind of economic sanctions.

The United States’ relationship with the Saudis has always been somewhat of a delicate balance, weighing economic considerations such as oil — and currently arms sales — with the kingdom’s record on human rights abuses.

As of Monday, the Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, was still planning to attend an investor conference in Riyadh later this month where the Saudi crown prince was expected to speak. Some American companies that had planned to attend the conference, including The New York Times, have already pulled out since Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance.

On Sunday, in an interview with “60 Minutes” on CBS, Mr. Trump said that even as the Saudis deny involvement in Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance, it was still possible that they were responsible.

Mr. Trump said that because Mr. Khashoggi is a journalist, the case was even more serious.

“There’s something really terrible and disgusting about that, if that were the case,” Mr. Trump told CBS. “We’re going to get to the bottom of it, and there will be severe punishment.”

Mr. Khashoggi went to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2 to obtain a document for his wedding and he has not been seen or heard from since.

The columnist is one of the best-known media personalities in the kingdom and has been a confidant to several previous kings and princes.

Mr. Khashoggi moved to Washington after Prince Mohammed began a kingdomwide anticorruption crackdown, including efforts to silence dissidents.

Friends of Mr. Khashoggi’s speculated that the columnist’s harsh words about the crown prince in columns he contributed to The Washington Post — including comparing Prince Mohammed to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia — landed him on the prince’s blacklist.


There were many comments and they all criticized Trump for good reasons. This is the comment I wrote:


I already mailed in my ballot for 2018. I voted only for Democrats but I think most of the Democrats will lose.

The president is trying to avoid throwing away jobs, and he knows voters like that idea.

Wikipedia: "On May 20, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud signed a series of letters of intent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase arms from the United States totaling US$110 billion. The intended purchases include tanks, combat ships, missile defense systems, as well as radar, communications and cybersecurity technology."

At the New York Times a fucktard preacher wrote some bullshit about his Magic Man.

New York Times - It’s Getting Harder to Talk About God

A preacher man wrote about his Magic Man fantasy using the usual ridiculous religious words like "spiritual" and "faith". The whole thing was disgusting and boring.

However the comments, written mostly by some very intelligent atheists (aka normal people), were excellent. Some examples:


Max Dither
Ilium, NY

"I’ve been sensing for some time that sacred speech and spiritual conversation are in decline"

Good. Keep professed religiosity in the back room where it belongs. Religion is, by definition, discriminatory. If you don't believe in certain things, you're excluded. It's the ultimate tribalism.

Religion has its good points, like charity and community. But people forget that, and instead focus on the proselytizing of ancient myths and fables that ostensibly guide us about how we should live our lives. That is hardly democracy in action. "You do as I say, or God will condemn you to burn in hell." No thanks.

Just look at the conflicts around the world today. In particular, the mid-East struggles with fascist religious groups still slaughtering each other after centuries of genocide. The bad in religion far outweighs the good.

If you want to believe in religious tenets, fine, go ahead. But your right to do that ends at my right to not do that. Keep it to yourself, and don't try to infect me with it. In particular, keep religion out of government. We should have no more "In God We Trust" or "Do you swear to tell the truth, so help you God" or "One nation, under God" as instruments of our government. That is proselytizing of the worst kind and is directly counter to the Establishment clause in our Constitution.

Just imagine if Mike Pence ever became President. He'd push for a law to mandate recital of the Apostle's Creed before every football game. Not on my watch, he won't.



Why do the religious wring their hands so frequently about the decline of some aspect of their religion. If you’re on the true path, why would that matter? My observation is that religious discussion is all too frequent, and often directed toward the unreligious, including myself. If there has been a decline in frequency of religious topical discussion, or the use of religious words and symbolism, it likely reflects the fact that fewer and fewer people outside of the Bible Belt care one scintilla one way or the other. Why? Well the sexual misdeeds of a good many priests, and the crass commercialization of Christianity (isn’t the author’s father a ‘megachurch’ Pastor?), and decades of religious wars probably has something to do with it. Young people in particular, at least those raised to think critically, seem to have a harder and harder time swallowing unscientific Bronze Age tribal explanations for the unknowable; what I don’t understand is why do you care? As long as you’re free practice your beliefs, and you are, even if fewer people say merry Christmas, what matter is it to you? Could it be that budding megachurch pastors see less and less of a future in their chosen profession, akin to independent booksellers?


New York, NY

Here is more of the classic American Christian persecution complex. "I can't even talk to people about religion in the subway anymore! The world doesn't want to hear it!" Meanwhile, out here in reality, every President this country has ever had has professed to be a Christian, our Congress and Supreme Court has always been majority Christian, God is printed on the money and on the wall above every judge's seat, churches pay no taxes, Christian academies and colleges are spreading across the land, and more Americans believe in angels than they do in actual verifiable facts. You think this country has abandoned religion? Please. You can't be the underdog when you have all the power, and people would take your "God talk" more seriously if you knew what you were talking about.



Let's start with some assumptions/reasonable statements:
1. Faith is belief without evidence.
2. Every era of human history has had gods that people were sure were real and they could live their lives according to the god's requirements (e.g. Zeus, Mithra, Apollo, Ra, etc.).
3. Average, everyday people have tried to do their best to interpret the word of their god, mostly with disastrous results (e.g. The Inquisition, the KKK, women as chattel, Jim Crow laws, 21st century Evangelicals and Trump...need I say more).

We don't have the time for people to try to speak god talk, because it has not effectively solved problems in the past, and is certainly not solving problems today.

I would suggest that people talk the language of the human condition which goes something like this:
- Treat people like you want to be treated. Or, even better:
- “Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.” (Mahavira, the Jain patriarch)

The language of the human condition is so much more clear, unambiguous, and simple. No priests are needed for people to understand their place in the world and their obligation to other people. We (humanity) have to continue to work hard to get rid of god talk and start to practice the language of the human condition.


New York

Perhaps what you really need is a vocabulary suitable for the 21st century, one that employs more sophisticated metaphors rather than traffics in fantasy and anachronism? One rooted in the literalism of Bronze Age goat herders? The proof that we don't need "God" to be moral or to have a conversation about what it means to be moral is just one secular person with sound ethics. That would also suffice to disqualify all of the evangelical Christians now supporting Trump. The last thing we need is more "sacred language." Instead, how about more people educated in the facts of science and the rich complexities of humanistic metaphor who can deal more thoughtfully and compassionately with the real world. Life is hard enough without more God-talk-nonsense and harder still with more of it, precisely because it's a means to bypass, false consolation, and creates nothing more than ethical atrophy. That's the more honest "rhetorical problem" before us. The solution isn't a more active "vocabulary of faith" but a more open and honest wisdom rooted in plain speaking candor. Keep your revival to yourself, thank you.


Tampa, Florida

To quote a truism, religion is not what we know about god, it’s what we don’t know about nature.

As we fill more gaps in our knowledge, we free ourselves from having to ascribe lightning to Thor, volcanic eruptions to Pele or hurricanes to Jehovah.

The long inevitable turn away from religious belief is cleansing. We can substitute rationality, evidence and scientific discipline for superstition, dogma, patriarchy, manipulation, false prophets, gullibility and induced phobic hatred of others for skin color (Mormons) or orientation (Evangelicals).


Melbourne, Australia

Many Megachurch Pastors seem to be the antithesis of the humble Christian - fancy clothes, $40K smiles, spacious homes, social media teams, wives with fancy jewelry and $750 hair-styles, even private planes. These people are exactly what's wrong with American Christianity - there's nothing even remotely Christ-like about them, or their ostentatious lifestyles.



Religion in America does seem to be on the decline, and not only in the hesitancy of people to use religious speech. Each year fewer people report being affiliated with a particular denomination, or identify themselves as religious. The “nones” have been on the rise, and the trend is continuing.

I don’t think this is a bad thing. In fact, it can chill the blood to hear that a country is becoming more religious. It turns out the most secular countries, such as Scandinavia, Australia and the Netherlands report far higher levels of satisfaction and measures of well-being than religious nations.

In our own country, the more religious red states have higher rates of poverty, crime, preventable illness, child abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. These states are also net recipients of blue-state tax dollars.

But there still seems to be plenty of God-talk out there. Not to denigrate all religious believers, but I sometimes catch the end of Joel Osteen’s megachurch broadcast on Sunday mornings, and I’m astounded by the endless stream of empty psychobabble that promises prosperity and joy if you just turn off your brain and praise Jesus, along with a plea for money, which will somehow lubricate the sender’s passage to heaven.

We might know too much about the natural world these days to require the supernatural. Many can get along just fine without religion, and as long as we can get along, all will be well.


Downtown Verona. New Jersey

Mr. Merritt, you present survey results totaling 63%, which you characterize as "a range of internal conflicts that are driving Americans from God-talk."

But allow me to speak for the 37% you didn't account for, or perhaps that you mischaracterized in your 63%.

Many think (and know) that 'God' is a figment of man's imagination, an irrational and medieval invention perpetuated for patriarchal control purposes.

'God' is the lodestar of manmade religious, egomaniacal conceit.

You said yourself that you are the son of a prominent megachurch pastor - you've identified the root of the problem already - you were hit over the head as an intellectually defenseless child by a bible-thumping dogmatist and you went along with the 'God' brainwashing before you had a chance to think for yourself.


Taos, New Mexico

"I’ve been sensing for some time that sacred speech and spiritual conversation are in decline" I guess that's a joke. The "Christians" who brought us the Iraq invasion, torture, massive deficits, extreme inequality, no health insurance for tens of millions, and climate denial did it all in the name of their God. What will be next?

New York Times - Canadians Already Smoke a Lot of Pot. Now It’s About to Become Legal.

I'm still waiting for it to be legal in Florida. A very long time ago I never imagined it would someday be possible to go to a marijuana store and buy a marijuana edible.

Click the link if you're interested in the special substance. You can read five New York Times articles for free every month.

Canadians Already Smoke a Lot of Pot. Now It’s About to Become Legal.

New York Times - The Pope Ignores the Damage

"To restore the trust of its faithful and its standing in the world, the Vatican needs to make a more vigorous and sincere effort to acknowledge the damage done by abusive priests and Vatican officials who perpetuated the abuse."

There's that word again: faithful.

Faith is an excuse to believe in ridiculous bullshit that makes cowards feel good.

The faithful need to stop being so fucking faithful, because it's stupid and because faith in the disgusting Catholic Church makes them part of the child abuse problem. These assholes for the Magic Jeebus Man need to grow up and stop being so fucking cowardly and gullible.

It's bad enough to believe in bullshit. It's much worse when that bullshit requires ignoring the totally out of control child abuse. Catholics have zero moral values so they should stop being Catholics. I recommend reality, aka atheism.


The Pope Ignores the Damage as Another Prelate Falls

Others were more complicit in covering up priestly abuse, but Cardinal Donald Wuerl still committed serious mistakes.

By The Editorial Board

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October 12, 2018

In his letter on Friday accepting the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Catholic archbishop of Washington, Pope Francis praised the departing prelate for his “nobility” in not trying to defend “mistakes” in his handling of sexual-abuse allegations.

The pope misses the point.

The archbishop may not be as culpable as other bishops who more systematically covered up sexual predation, and in at least one case he took action that was initially thwarted by the Vatican.

But a devastatingly detailed grand jury report on widespread child sex abuse in Pennsylvania churches showed that Cardinal Wuerl, as bishop of Pittsburgh, was immersed in a clerical culture that hid pedophilic crimes behind euphemisms, conducted unprofessional investigations and evaluations of accused priests, kept acknowledged cases of sex abuse secret from parish communities and avoided reporting the abuse to police.

In an anguished letter to his archdiocese, Cardinal Wuerl accepted responsibility for actions described in the grand jury report. “I wish that I could redo some decisions I have made in my three decades as a bishop and each time get it right,” he wrote.

Pope Francis’ warm feelings for Cardinal Wuerl may be understandable, given that the archbishop has been a supporter of the social changes the pope is trying to achieve in the Catholic Church. Conservative prelates who have fought those changes have accused the pope of covering up accusations that the previous archbishop of Washington, the former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, sexually harassed and abused seminarians. Cardinal Wuerl’s standing was weakened by his association with his predecessor, although he insists he knew nothing about the allegations. Pope Francis saw Cardinal Wuerl’s resignation as a sacrifice for the good of the church amid the attacks by critics like Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former Vatican ambassador to the United States who has vigorously pressed charges of a church cover-up.

Yet by indicating that he regards Cardinal Wuerl’s past actions simply as “mistakes,” and by allowing him to remain a member of the powerful Congregation for Bishops, the pope reinforces the sense that he does not understand the extraordinary damage done by clerics who cruelly and shamelessly abused their power over trusting children and adults. What the Pennsylvania grand jury report and other reports chronicle is not “inappropriate contact,” as diocesan records so often claimed, but the brutal and repeated rape of innocents who have been marked by this for life.

Pope Francis was similarly slow to understand the gravity of sexual abuse cases in Chile, initially defending bishops and acting only after he listened to survivors.

To restore the trust of its faithful and its standing in the world, the Vatican needs to make a more vigorous and sincere effort to acknowledge the damage done by abusive priests and Vatican officials who perpetuated the abuse.

Cardinal Wuerl seemed to understand this when he said he was making way for younger bishops consecrated since the crisis burst into the open in 2002, and for that he deserves credit.

But if the church is to make amends for the scars it has inflicted on thousands of its members, the pope must do a far better job of demonstrating at every opportunity that there is no “nobility” whatsoever in the way sexual predation was allowed to spread through the church, that he will not tolerate the slightest of “mistakes” in the handling of such abuse and that he will upend a rotten Vatican culture that let it all happen.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

“Consort of Musicke by William Byrd and Orlando Gibbons”

Ethan Iverson, pianist and composer

“Consort of Musicke by William Byrd and Orlando Gibbons” is Glenn Gould’s greatest record. These early English harpsichord pieces had no history of piano performance until Gould’s charismatic advocacy. Although not originally intended to be played as a set, Gibbons’s Fantasy in C and Allemande (Italian Ground) were clearly paired by him as antecedent and consequent. The solemn counterpoint in the Fantasy is glorious, and Gould marches so hard in the Italian Ground that he’s almost swinging.

This planet would be a much better place if everyone understood this obvious fact of reality.

God is just another word for magic. Magic is not real. Therefore, magical beings are impossible.

Junk food, also known as garbage food, should be thrown into the garbage can. But here in Idiot America millions of idiots actually eat this crap.

In Idiot America we have a huge junk food industry. Most Americans eat their garbage. For example they stuff their fat faces with cake. They give candy bars to children. This is child abuse.

We have millions of extremely obese morons in this country. They weigh 400 or 500 pounds. They love cake and other processed foods. They never eat vegetables.

If you have this disease I recommend reading this:

The Health Hazards Of Consuming Processed and Ultra Processed Foods

- Most often these products have excessive amounts of sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup, both of which are seriously harmful to brain health, body health, metabolism, insulin resistance, triglycerides count, cholesterol, fat accumulation in the liver and abdominal cavity, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.
- The man-made, chemically-driven, satisfying sensory experience of these foods results in extreme overconsumption and addictions.  We are encouraged to eat until we often become sick.
- Being unfamiliar with the ingredient lists on these foods keeps us totally in the dark about chemicals, additives and the like.  We see the picture on the wrapper, shrug off the uninterpretable list of ingredients, and just dive right in.  We are taking the "poison pill" and embracing the opportunity to do so, as we remain ignorant as to what we are actually putting into our bodies.
- We are consuming chemicals that keep food from rotting; that give food its color; that give food its flavor; and that give food its texture.  If we could see these products in their natural state, we would, most likely, turn up our noses and be mortified that this is called "food."


These products often contain dozens of chemicals 

not required to even appear on its label. 

- These foods are literally addictive, as we battle obesity in our country. These foods activate the brain just as other drugs of abuse, such as cocaine.  In lab tests, rats actually PREFERRED sugar water to cocaine water, and gravitated to it repeatedly.  Insightful? 
- These foods are very high in carbohydrates, and are quickly broken down in the digestive tract, leading to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels.
- These foods are extremely low in essential nutrients
- These processed foods are very low in the fiber that our bodies require. Soluble, fermentable fiber, functions as a probiotic, to feed the friendly bacteria in the intestine.  Fiber also slows the absorption of carbohydrates to help us feel more satisfied with fewer calories.  It also treats constipation.  Processed foods are very low in fiber because they are so often removed during processing.
- We burn only half as many calories digesting and metabolizing processed foods compared to whole foods.
- Processed foods are often high in the unhealthy fats.  Unhealthy fats are the cheap fats like refined seed and vegetable oils (soybean oil, for example) which are often hydrogenated.  Hydrogenation turns the fats into trans fats, the most unhealthy substance you can put into your body.  Vegetable oils are very unhealthy and, when consumed, increase the risk of heart disease, the most common death in Western countries today (it kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?)
     "Knowledge is power."  "Know better, do better."  There is a reason for these sayings.  You may feel fine today or even next year, but as we learn more about how to take care of the one and only body we will ever have, wouldn't it be great if we could own what we learn and put better habits into practice?  Aging is tough enough without working against ourselves!  
china mcdonald.jpg
 Countries of the world who have adopted the foods of the western world have experienced high incidents of disease like they have never known before.  We are a country full of sickness and medication, followed by sickness and medication.  One must question, at some point, why this is such a problem in our country.  We must find a way to save ourselves, because the makers and shakers of ultra processed food on the grocery store shelves are clearly unconcerned about our health or the health of our children.
Trick or Treat Candy.jpg
     There seems to be such an irony in the occasion of Halloween traditions.  Back in the 60's, the concern from our "trick or treat" bags was that there would be no razor blades in the apples.  Then, it was straight pins in the salt water taffy.  Today, there are many cautions with our children and the "trick or treating" experience, but it is so ironic that the most consistent "trick" is that almost every piece of "treat" in that bag, if you look at the label, proudly announces that this food item is loaded with chemicals of which we have no idea, with consequences that can be quite serious.  Yet, we accept this as normal fare, and never miss a step.  Yikes!
 Next time you reach for the chips (“betcha can't eat just one!"), the cookies or your cereal, make it a habit to at LEAST read the ingredient list, just to assure yourself that you now know better and are at least aware of what choices you are making for your health.

Today's news.

Trump Administration Urges Saudis To Stick To Killing Random Yemeni Civilians

WASHINGTON—As criticism mounted over the country’s alleged role in the disappearance and possible death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Trump administration reportedly urged the leaders of Saudi Arabia Friday to stick to killing random Yemeni civilians. “The potential murder of a high-profile journalist critical of their regime raises grave concerns for us, and we appeal to the leaders of Saudi Arabia to restrict their extrajudicial murders to Yemeni people who don’t have any public platform,” said President Trump, adding that the White House would not sit idly by as the Saudis caused the deaths of innocent people unless they were Yemeni children in a school bus or a group of Yemeni people attending a wedding. “The United States asks Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to content himself with killings that don’t affect business deals or call our diplomatic ties into question, such as airstrikes on Yemeni infrastructure, fueling mass cholera outbreaks, or blocking food and medical supplies from reaching civilians. Look, we don’t even mind if you dismember and murder people inside the Turkish consulate, as long as they’re unknown Yemenis whose deaths won’t cause an international scandal. For the sake of all parties, we demand that the Saudis only kill people who hardly anyone in America cares about.” At press time, several major U.S. newspapers had published editorials praising the Trump administration for its tough stance on Saudi Arabia.

Every Sunday the Doonesbury comic strip ridicules President Fucktard Trump.

What I wrote somewhere else about religious fucktards.

"What makes you choose which religion is right for you? There are 4200 to pick from."

Religious idiots don't have to choose one of the moronic religious cults. That decision is made by their parents before they are born. This is called "child abuse".

Before I was born I was a Catholic. Fortunately when I grew up I had enough common sense to figure out all religions are bullshit. These days I'm a hardcore atheist.

One more thing: Atheism is an acceptance of reality. Reality is not a religion. People who are not religious do not belong to a religion.

I wrote this because religious morons don't understand. Apparently they think reality is a religion. Religious people are religious because they're just plain fucking stupid.


I recommend the 62 posts at religion.

Politically correct liberal assholes who suck up to Muslim scum like to suppress freedom of speech.

The ridiculous word "Islamophobia" was invented by Muslim scum and liberal scum to suppress freedom of speech. The word means "Knows too much about Islam."

Liberal scum love this word because they love Muslims. They love the way Muslims force women to cover their hair. Liberals love the black tents Muslim women are forced to wear. They love the way women are treated like 2nd class citizens. They love the Muslim fear of human evolution. And more than anything else liberals love to suppress freedom of speech. Liberals are part of the out of control religious violence problem. Liberals are cowardly stupid fucking assholes.

If Muslim morons had any sense of decency they would have thrown out their disgusting violent cult a long time ago. Even worse are the liberal fucktards who suck up to Muslim scum.

If you're a liberal fucktard do this: At Google News search for "suicide bombings". You will notice Muslims blow themselves up every day. Go live in Pakistan for a few weeks to help you understand. If you stay there long enough you will be one of the victims. Good riddance.


Liberal assholes also like to use the word "racist' to suppress freedom of speech. Liberal morons are obviously too dense to figure out that Islam is not a human race. It's a religion, or to be more accurate it's the world's largest terrorist organization.

When deranged Muslim lunatics blow themselves up, everyone, including Muslims, know Muslims did it. Nobody else blows themselves up. Only Muslims do this.

Why are liberals are so fucking stupid? I think it's their moronic love for political corrrectness.

Political corrrectness: the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

Liberals fucktards are unable to think for themselves. When they are not sure if something is politically correct they will ask another liberal moron if it's OK. I actually saw this happen. It's amazing how dense these people are.

For more information about liberal assholes please see a post I wrote 6 years ago: Why do American liberals suck up to Muslim scum?

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Idiot America is infested with millions of know-nothing evolution deniers.

Idiot America is infested with millions of know-nothing evolution deniers. They repeatedly ask for evidence for evolution. If you give it to them they deny the evidence. Their stupidity is overwhelming.

If you are a creationist fucktard, read this stuff and then explain why it's wrong. For this evidence lying about it won't work. The evidence is too obvious and too easy to understand.

You morons for Jeebus lost your war against evolution a long time ago. It's about time to give up and admit you have a stupidity problem that needs to be fixed.


The term atavism (derived from the Latin atavus, a great-grandfather's grandfather; more generally, an ancestor) denotes the tendency to revert to ancestral type. An atavism is an evolutionary throwback, such as traits reappearing which had disappeared generations ago. Atavisms occur because genes for previously existing phenotypical features are often preserved in DNA, even though the genes are not expressed in some or most of the organisms possessing them.

Examples observed include:
hind legs on whales
hind fins on dolphins
hind legs on snakes
extra toes on horses, as in archaic horses
reemergence of sexual reproduction in Hieracium pilosella and Crotoniidae
Teeth in chickens
Humans with large canine teeth

This is from page 64 of Jerry Coyne's book "Why Evolution is True":

We've already learned that some species of whales retain vestigal pelvises and rear leg bones, but about one whale in five hundred is actually born with a rear leg that protrudes outside the body wall. These limbs show all degrees of refinement, with many of them clearly containing the major leg bones of terrestrial animals--the femur, tibia, and fibula. Some even have feet and toes!


Creationists, some whales are born with legs because all whales evolved from land animals. There is no other possible explanation. You morons can't deny this stuff.

"Humans with large canine teeth" The only possible explanation is we share an ancestor with the other ape species.

There are hundreds of thousands of evidences for evolution. Grow up and educate yourselves, unless you would rather be laughed at for the rest of your pathetic lives.

Typical American Christian fucktard: "Duh, duh, the Magic Man did it, duh."

The only way to reform the Catholic Church is get rid of it.

I was a brainwashed Catholic. Fortunately I was never an altar boy so I was never one of their victims.

When I was in 5th grade at a Catholic school an ugly nun spent an entire hour explaining why all of us were going to hell. I'm not making this up. The nun was insane. As far as I know, I was the only student who knew she was full of crap. I never bought the hell fantasy.

I wasted my entire youth at that disgusting place. I was there 9 years, kindergarten to 8th grade. Never once did we learn anything about science.

At age 18 I finally figured everything out. The Catholic Church is not a religion. It's a business and the customers are suckers. A few years later I was an atheist.

I noticed the more I study science, the more I realize the ridiculous god fantasy was never required for anything. It was easy to figure out the fantasies were made up stories. For example the magical resurrection of a decomposing corpse. Zombies are not real. Imagine being an adult and still believing in this bullshit. The only possible explanation is extreme stupidity.


The Catholic Church is the world's largest child abuse organization and it needs to be destroyed. There is no other way to fix the problem.

It should be easy to destroy the disgusting cult. Just convince two billion assholes to throw the thing out. All they have to do is stop going to church. With nobody feeding the child abusers the Catholic Church would go out of business. The assholes who run the place can still make money from tourists who want to see ancient paintings but there won't be any victims for them to abuse, there won't be a pope, and there won't be a Catholic Church.

Unfortunately most of the people who go to church to feed child abusers have no moral values at all. They have other problems including being gullible, cowardly, and extremely stupid. They have been brainwashed to believe the only alternative to feeding child abusers is eternal torture after they drop dead, as if it's possible to torture a corpse.

Every priest, every bishop, every cardinal, and the pope have spent their entire careers covering up child abuse and/or abusing children. There is not one person in this disgusting business who isn't part of the problem. The pope was covering up child abuse long before he became a pope and he's still doing it. Pope Francis is a stupid fucking asshole.

Catholics are scum and they need to be repeatedly harassed and ridiculed. They are all part of the problem.

If you're a Catholic get off my planet you fucking moron.

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