Saturday, December 1, 2012

Evolution deniers deny evolution because they're fucking idiots.

Show these quotes to a creationist retard and see what happens.

"Darwin didn't know about the gene, but today we trace the ways in which genes themselves produce evolutionary change. Darwin didn't know about DNA, but today we follow the course of evolution thru our own DNA and the story is unmistakable. Like everything else on this planet, we evolved."
-- Ken Miller, biologist at Brown University

"In the past , evolution rested on ambiguous fossil evidence, but now it rests on much clearer DNA evidence that increases exponentially every month."
--  Joshua Swamidass, a professor in the Laboratory and and Genomic Medicine Division at Washington University in St. Louis.

Nothing happens. The science denier is not impressed. Their usual excuse for being stupid is "Scientists interpret evidence differently than we science deniers interpret it."

Now show the fucking idiot this:

"In humans and chimpanzees, the protein molecule called cytochrome c, which serves a vital function in respiration within cells, consists of the same 104 amino acids in exactly the same order."
-- Encyclopedia Britannica (the best encyclopedia in the world)

This is easy for creationist assholes. They just say their god fairy in the sky magically created the same 104 amino acids in exactly the same order in both people and chimps.

How is it possible to communicate with somebody that brain-dead fucking stupid? It would be like trying to explain science to a dog.

Being extremely polite and patient doesn't work. Nothing works. Stupid can't be fixed.

Of course like everything else there are rare exceptions. For example an excellent biology professor with a captive audience who can't run away from a classroom might be able to convince a few of the less retarded creationists to grow up and accept reality. Even myself, once in my life, was able to convince a science denier to stop denying science. That's once out of more than one hundred attempts. Creationists with minds that aren't permanently cemented shut are extremely rare.

The creationist problem is strange because the only alternative to scientific explanations is magical creation out of nothing for which there is no evidence. These drooling morons think magic is how the world works.

In normal countries (everywhere except Idiot America and the world's Muslim theocracies) creationist assholes are a very small minority who can be ignored. Where I live, the United States of Jeebus, science deniers are most of the population. The problem is so out of control we have politicians who are terrified of evolution who want to be the next USA president. We have Christian assholes on many local and state school boards who want to force biology teachers to give both magic and science equal treatment. Christian scum infest our state and federal governments. Science denying retards are everywhere.

Our problem is of course the religious indoctrination that destroys minds and sucks all curiosity out of the victims. They learn how to not think, not wonder why. This child abuse is legal but if it was up to me the brainwashers would be put in prison.

I am stupefied by the extraordinary dullness of these evolution deniers. They are lazy, uncurious, bigoted, slovenly half-trained learning-resistant people who are only ten hairs away from being baboons that create a large amorphous blob of institutional autism called religion in our society.

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