Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Atheists who disgrace atheism

I already wrote about liberal atheists at liberal atheists disgrace atheism.

This post is about wimpy atheists who suck up to religious idiots. They tolerate religion which means they tolerate religious brainwashing, religious stupidity, and religious violence. These atheist wimps are equal to the Christian scum and Muslim scum they suck up to, equally stupid.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 46% of Americans believe people were magically created out of nothing. Does this mean 46% of Americans are batshit crazy? No, it's much worse than that.

The same poll shows that 32% of Americans accept evolution but only if a god's magic wand is one of its mechanisms. Is that really accepting evolution? No, of course not. If an idiot thinks magic is a mechanism of a natural process that idiot is a creationist.

Another 7% of American idiots didn't want to answer the Gallup poll questions. It's fair to say they are evolution deniers.

That leaves only 15% of Americans who accept evolution without supernatural magic. Therefore 85% of Americans are uneducated morons.

My problem is with the dishonest wimpy atheists who tell Christian scum it's perfectly OK to invoke a magic fairy to explain the evolution of human apes from their ancient ape ancestors. As if polluting science with magic is a good thing. And as if being dishonest is a good idea. The trouble with being a liar is everyone knows you're a liar.

It's not OK to say "Humans evolved with god guiding". Americans need to keep their magical fantasies out of science, because they are wrong and because they are disgracing their country. The atheist wimps who suck up to these Christian idiots have my complete contempt.

Compare the 15% of Americans who accept science without magic to the 100% of biologists who accept science without a fairy's magic wand. There's obviously a serious problem here.  Wimpy atheists are part of the problem. The time for sucking up to religious stupidity is over with. Christian scum need to be told if they think they can stick their Magic Jeebus Man anywhere they want, even into science, they will be ridiculed relentlessly until their brainwashed children are able to figure out their parents are fucking idiots.

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