Sunday, December 23, 2012

Liberal idiots and creationist idiots are equally predictable.

When important new evidence for evolution is announced it's easy to predict evolution deniers will lie about it. Creationist scum can't accept scientific evidence for evolution because they don't want to make the Magic Jeebus Man cry.

Equally predictable and equally stupid are America's liberal loons. For example when the National Rifle Association suggested an armed guard at a school could help prevent deranged assholes from shooting six year old girls, liberal scum predictably said that was a bad idea.

What's their problem? Are liberals unable to think? Are they are really as retarded as creationists? Apparently it's true. Liberals are just plain stupid.

If nutjob Adam Lanza knew he would be killed as soon as an armed guard saw his weapons he most certainly would never have entered that school. If I'm wrong and if the cowardly asshole did try to take on the armed guard, then the wacko would be dead and 20 little children would still be alive.

But according to liberal assholes saving the lives of those twenty precious children is less important than being politically correct (correct according to liberal morons).

Fuck off and die American liberals.

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