Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's virtually impossible to convince a coward to throw out the idiotic magical heaven fantasy.

Idiots never grow up. They are unable to understand why wishful thinking does not equal reality.

Wishful thinking is a terrible disease. For example some people waste tons of money on lottery tickets because they think out of millions of losers they might be the winner. But this problem is nothing compared to the wishful thinking that makes cowards believe in the magical heaven fantasy.

Why is the preacher man constantly trying to sell heaven? Because suckers are willing to pay anything for it. Without the heaven idea preachers would have to get real jobs and they know it. They also know their cult would go extinct without heaven brainwashing.

Fortunately for America's worthless preachers American retards love the idea their death is not the end of them. Christians and their Muslim terrorists friends are willing to throw out all of science and all of reality just so they can have their insane heaven fantasy. No evidence required. Just wish for it and it will come true. And don't forget to suck up to the Magic Jeebus Man because he decides who gets in. Even more important don't forget to donate tons of money to your preacher man.

The Muslim scum who like to fly airplanes into buildings need heaven more than anyone because that's where the cowards think they are magically going to after they cut the throats of female flight attendants, kill the pilot, and then fly the airplane into their target. Muslim assholes love Christian assholes because the Christians make them feel normal.

If you're a Christian and you're still reading this why don't you try growing up and facing facts. When you drop dead (good riddance) you become worm food and that's the end of you. Just like before you were born you don't exist. You become nothing and you always will be nothing.

You don't like reality but so what? Your cowardly fear of reality is never going to change reality. So stop wishing for the impossible. Just grow up and stop trying to brainwash children to be cowards like yourself.

Imagine being permanently stuck for eternity in a magical paradise infested with Christian retards. Not something I would wish for.

Then of course there's the magical hell where all the biologists go. That would be fun but still I would rather be worm food. I once told someone "According to this pamphlet you have to go to this Baptist church or else you will go to hell." His reply was "I want to go to hell. That's where all my friends are." When I told this story at a Christian website a concerned Christian tard wrote something about hell being a terrible place and nobody should wish for it. It's just amazing how brain-dead fucking stupid Christians are.

One more thing Christian assholes. When you tell a normal person (AKA atheist) you are praying for him, please be careful because if you keep doing that somebody might punch your teeth down your throat.

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