Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is 11/11/11. The next 11/11/11 will be on November 11, 2111. I wonder what that will be like.

The date 11/11/11 is a bit interesting because there's six ones in it, and because the next 11/11/11 will be one century from now. Of course I have to write a post about it.

What will be different about this planet one century from today?

I will be dead and totally decomposed in one century, but babies born today, if they have a healthy lifestyle, have an excellent chance to still be alive in 11/11/2111.

Perhaps, thanks to global warming, in 2111 my home will be under the ocean because I live in south Florida.

There will be tremendous scientific progress in the next 100 years, which will make life better and more interesting in countless ways.

To extend lives there will be much progress in medical research, partly thanks to scientific knowledge of evolution.

Equally important, artificial selection will make fruits and vegetables more nutritious and more delicious.

Most likely there will be a permanent colony on the moon thanks to scientific progress in China, India, Europe, and even Idiot America. It will be possible to take a vacation on the moon for people who can afford it. Humans will have visited Mars and we may or may not have a permanent colony there.

Thanks to more amazing discoveries in molecular biology and the discovery of many more fossils of transitional species, today's gigantic mountain of evidence for evolution will be many times more overwhelming than it is today. Perhaps thanks to better science education for everyone, 100 years from now evolution deniers will be as rare as the equally stupid flat-earthers.

Will Idiot America still be an idiot country infested with the Christian Taliban?

Will the daily suicide bombings thanks to the Islam terrorist organization ever end?

Will there still be a Christian war against science education?

Will Christian students in Idiot America still become mentally disturbed when their biology teacher teaches the foundation of biology?

One century from now will there still be a Christian Death Cult? Will the idiots of Idiot America still worship their dead Jeebus?

Will Christians, Muslims, and Jews ever grow up and throw out their ridiculous cults which are good for nothing but violence and stupidity?

Perhaps Catholics will grow up and stop giving their hard earned money to the wealthy Vatican which is a sexual child abuse organization.

Will species endangered today be totally wiped out a century from now? This is something to be very concerned about. The human ape population is expanding rapidly and the assholes of that population are actively destroying the habitat of these precious creatures and they're even killing them for food or even more stupid reasons. Perhaps the only solution is to kill the assholes.

I have a very healthy lifestyle so I expect to still be alive one half century from now. I hope it will be a better world, a world of unlimited scientific progress, respect for the environment, and without the religious insanity that's destroying this planet today.

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