Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An important message for evolution deniers

If you are a sensitive person, easily upset when somebody tells the truth about your mental illness (instead of sucking up to you as if that ever did any good), then you should leave right now. This post is not for wimps and crybabies.

Let's define "evolution deniers".

If you don't completely agree with everything in the following paragraph, you're an evolution denier. Please notice that if you stick god into evolution, you're not accepting evolution, you're polluting it with bullshit, you are denying that the development of species is a natural process, therefore you're an evolution denier. If you call yourself a theistic evolutionist you're an evolution denier because there's not any theistic bullshit in evolutionary biology.

Humans are one of the modern ape species. Modern human apes developed from the same ancient apes that modern chimpanzee apes developed from. Magic god fairies had absolutely nothing to do with our evolution. Magic is not a mechanism of evolution. Magic fairies did not use or guide evolution. Magic god fairies did not invent evolution. All natural processes, including evolution by natural selection, did not require any supernatural inventors.

If you disagree with any of that you're an evolution denier and you got a problem. Your problem is you are wrong about the most important fact of science. You are wrong about the strongest fact of science. You are wrong about a basic scientific fact that has more evidence, and has more powerful evidence, than any other fact of science. I know you're wrong. Every biologist in the world knows you're wrong. Every educated sane person in the world knows you are wrong. The evidence shows beyond any doubt you are wrong.

Here's an interesting fact. 100% of the world's biologists agree with the above paragraph that's in italics, but only 16% of Americans agree with it. This post is for the 84% of Americans who have a problem with all or some of the italicized paragraph.

Before some liar for Jeebus tells me he personally knows a biologist who denies the established truth of evolution, please understand that idiots who can only find employment at Bible colleges or Christian organizations, who have never made a scientific discovery in their lives, and who have never contributed anything to biology, are not real biologists. They are worthless scum, equal to flat-earthers, laughing stocks, and as hopelessly stupid as you are.

Please understand that your stupidity can be fixed, but I can't fix it for you. I can't force you to think. I can't undo your brainwashing. You're going to have to do that on your own without anyone holding your hand. In other words you have to do something you have never done before, which is learn everything you can about the scientific fact you are denying.

Evolution deniers are called creationists because they invoke a magical creator to magically create creatures or magically guide the evolution of creatures, especially the modern human ape species.

What you creationists are doing is extremely childish. You are invoking magic as if magic is real. Your stupidity is a very special kind of stupid because it's virtually always incurable. And being dumber than a dog is not your only problem and that's the purpose of this post.

What you uneducated morons need to do is educate yourselves. Unfortunately you creationists are called willfully ignorant for a good reason. You will invent any excuse to not read a book about evolution. You can't even be bothered to read a website. You know nothing because you spent your entire pathetic life doing everything you can to know nothing.

This has to change, because you have absolutely no right to say anything about evolution until you understand how it works and why biologists are 100% certain about its truth. Please notice that if you stick your god or your Jeebus into evolution, you don't understand how evolution works.

You idiots need to read a book. I know you can read. Despite your breathtaking stupidity you managed to at least learn how to do that. Your problem is you're never going to read a book unless you want to read that book, and you're not going to read anything that might make Jeebus cry.

But if you're still reading this maybe there's a chance you might be interested in proving me wrong about your willful ignorance. Maybe you're ready to at least try to understand what you've been denying all your brainwashed life.

There are countless excellent books about evolution. Many of these books are easy to read but they have some parts which are a bit tedious or extremely tedious for a non-scientist. Or they cover only a limited amount of the evidence. Of course there's so much evidence for evolution one book could only be about a very small part of it.

In 2009, the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species (which is brilliant but obsolete), an excellent book was published by one of the top biologists of the world who is a professor at one of the best universities in the world, Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago. It's called "Why Evolution is True" and the hardcover is selling for $18.45 on

The entire book is extremely interesting. Not one paragraph is tedious to read. It was written for non-scientists but it covers so much of the evidence, a different piece of evidence in every paragraph in some chapters, even experienced biologists can benefit from it.

Jerry Coyne's masterpiece is what I would recommend for a person who has time to read only one book.

If you're going to read Why Evolution is True, creationists, you have to read it to understand it. Too many creationists, when they read a science book, are only looking for something to complain about. For example they say "Jerry Coyne is mean" (even though he's extremely respectful), or "My favorite liar for Jeebus says Jerry Coyne is wrong, therefore Jerry Coyne is wrong." (as if professional evolution deniers know what they're talking about, even though they are just as willfully ignorant as you are.)

If you don't understand a paragraph, or for some stupid reason you disagree with it (as if you know more about biology than all the world's biologists), then reread the paragraph and if necessary do your own research on the internet, carefully avoiding the dishonest idiots you usually depend on. Don't let assholes do your thinking for you. Use your own brain. Think. Think to understand. If you're only interested in defending your dead Jeebus, you're never going to learn anything.

If you can't read a book about science with the intention of learning something, then don't bother with it. Just go read your idiotic insane Bible because your disease is incurable.

Lots of luck. If you take all of my advice, please feel free to let me know the result. If instead you refuse to read the book because of your laziness or cowardliness or whatever, then get lost. Don't waste my time. If you read it but make no effort to understand it, then don't waste my time. I'm not interested in helping people who can't be helped or don't want any help.

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