Saturday, December 11, 2010

The most important reason for this blog.

I'm interested in explaining why Christian assholes are scum, equal to terrorists. But the most important purpose of this blog is to explain why evolutionary biology, more than any other branch of science, is the greatest possible threat to all religions and all religious beliefs. The name of this blog, Darwin killed God, is an obvious fact. Charles Darwin and the thousands of biologists who came after the father of modern biology have shown beyond any doubt the development of every species, including modern human apes, was a completely natural process, which means we are just animals, just one of millions of species, just a small twig on the vast tree of life, and therefore the idea there's a magical fairy (hiding in the clouds or wherever) who gives a shit about us is just plain ridiculous. The facts of evolutionary biology (and every other branch of science) show that a god fairy never had anything to do, therefore it doesn't exist and never did exist.

This is all very simple logic and even the most retarded Christian asshole should be able to understand it. And guess what, most Christians do understand the religious implications of evolution. And that's why virtually every Christian either completely denies evolution, or they pretend to accept evolution while polluting it with Jeebus's magic wand. Either way, they are denying the scientific fact that humans developed without any supernatural intervention.

What Christians should do, and what they would do if they weren't cowardly uneducated morons, is admit evolution is a fact and a completely natural process. They should then admit their religion and their god fairy is 100% pure bullshit. In other words, Christians should grow up and throw out their death cult. They should join the 21st century and stop pretending there's magic (also known as god) in the universe.

Thousands of Christians, especially the youngest generation, are doing exactly that. They are throwing out the god bullshit and becoming normal people. And that's what this blog is all about. To explain why the Christians who are growing up and facing facts are getting it. They are understanding why it has become worse than insane to continue believing in a magical god at a time when scientific knowledge is growing more rapidly than ever before.

And why not encourage this? Why not help these people escape from their fantasy world? If the 9/11/2001 atrocities showed the world anything, it's that enough is enough. All religions must be eradicated, the sooner the better.

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