Friday, June 10, 2011

Science is exciting. Religion is boring.

I finished reading Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne two years ago. Since then I frequently turn to some random page of the book looking for something interesting I may have forgotten about. I just found this paragraph which shows our evolution from ancient apes was not a big deal when compared to the development of some other species.

See page 51 of Why Evolution is True.

The evolution of whales from land animals was remarkably fast: most of the action took place within only 10 million years. That's not much longer than the time it took us to diverge from our common ancestors with chimpanzees, a transition that involved far less modification of the body. Still, adapting to life at sea did not require the evolution of any brand-new features--only modifications of old ones.

If I were to select a random paragraph from the Bible or any other "holy" book I would find only boring gibberish about a fantasy for idiots.

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