Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some states of Idiot America are more idiotic than other states.

All 50 states of Idiot America are infested with idiots (also known as Christians), but some states have a much higher percentage of idiots. Some towns in Idiot America's most idiotic states are virtually 100% idiots.

In a recent post I provided a link to a video about a town in Oklahoma where only one family is normal (atheists) and everyone else is insane (Christians). A young student from the normal family was on the high school's female basketball team. She is an excellent athlete and she was one of the best or the best player on the team. She loved playing basketball but she noticed something very odd about all the other players on her team. Before a game, during a game, and after a game they would gather in a circle to pray to the magic fairy they believe in, apparently thinking their Master of the Universe was interested in high school basketball. In other word the normal student's teammates, every single one of them, are batshit crazy.

To fit in better the normal student could have pretended to be equally insane. She could have joined the circle of praying imbeciles and kept her atheism a secret. But like most normal people (and unlike Christian assholes) this young lady has moral values. She refused to be dishonest about who she was. She refused to pretend to be a drooling moron just to be like the Christian retards on her basketball team. During a game when the idiots stood in a circle to pray to their dead Jeebus she stood a few feet away by herself.

Even if you didn't watch the video you can probably figure out what happened next, especially if you already know Christians are world-class assholes. The normal young woman was kicked off the basketball team. She was constantly harassed by the asshole students (all Christians). Even the teachers (they're all Christian assholes) were giving the only normal student a hard time.

When the young lady's father saw the principal to complain, the principal (a Christian asshole) assaulted the father. Really. From there things went from bad to worse. Of course taxpayer money was wasted on legal bills (thanks to the Christian assholes). The brilliant young woman (the only normal student in that insane high school) left the school. This made the Christian assholes happy because their harassment worked, they got rid of the only normal student.

Try to imagine what this idiot high school's biology classes are like. Most certainly the biology teachers are Christian assholes. It's very unlikely the retarded Christian teachers teach anything about the foundation of biology (evolution) in their biology classrooms. I wouldn't be surprised if the idiot Christian biology teachers teach magical creationism. This high school is so insane nobody would complain if a science teacher required the students to read Genesis in the Bible as a homework assignment.

There is virtually no difference between a backward hick-infested state like Oklahoma and the Muslim countries of the Middle East. Christian Bible thumpers and Muslim suicide bombers are equally insane and equally morally corrupt.

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