Thursday, July 7, 2011

I sent an email to a batshit crazy Christian asshole.

Of course all Christians are insane. All Christians are assholes. This Christian idiot received an email from me after I read his bullshit in

Here it is:

You wrote "The most evil philosophies that have come about in the last 150 years, Racism, Nazism, Communism, are all firmly based on the dogma of Evolution. In fact the subtitle to Darwin’s book, The Origin of the Species is this: The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life."

In the book title Darwin used the word "races" as another word for "species". Nowhere in that book was the subject "human races" mentioned. Nowhere in that book did Darwin write about human evolution.

Not bothering to read the book first is no excuse. Check your facts next time.

There's quite a bit more dishonesty in your "The Unknowable God". You disgrace your religion when you're dishonest.

By the way, while thousands of Christians invoked their Bible to justify slavery, Darwin spoke out strongly against slavery. So who is really the racist?

Also, even if Darwin was an axe murderer, that would not change the established truth of evolution, which by the way has left your magic god fairy with nothing to do.

Also, it's interesting that you liars constantly invoke nazism to criticize evolutionary biology. Do I have to remind you Hitler was a Catholic?

You're sick in the head mister. Your fantasies are childish and your dishonest defense of your delusions is disgusting.

Instead of attacking the father of modern biology (who was several thousand times more intelligent than you are) why don't you provide some scientific evidence for your fairy? Of course you have no evidence for your Magic Man. You can't even describe its magic wand.


The asshole-for-Jeebus replied to my email, so I sent him another email. He called evolution a myth and a racist philosophy. And of course he again invoked his favorite Christian, Hitler. Here it is:

Evolution is a natural process that explains the development of new species. It's about as racist as gravity. Also, scientific facts are not philosophies.

Hitler and the thousands of Christians who helped him murder Jews was just a more recent example of the Christian atrocities which have been going on for centuries. Hitler killed for Jeebus, not because of modern biology.

You should google Godwin's Law to find out how boring you are.

You just called the foundation of biology a myth. What do you know that the molecular biologists at MIT and Harvard don't know?

Your problem sir, is you're an uneducated moron. You know absolutely nothing about evolutionary biology or any other branch of science.

You're no better than a Muslim terrorist.

In closing, fuck off asshole. I have created a gmail filter to automatically send your bullshit to the trash.


  1. *lol* "Also, even if Darwin was an axe murderer, that would not change the established truth of evolution, which by the way has left your magic god fairy with nothing to do."

    What about football games? He gives an edge to whichever side has the most people praying for them!

  2. I noticed the Master of the Universe never waves its magic wand for the Chicago Cubs.


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