Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pro-science theists believe in a god fairy who never had anything to do.

All theists are idiots, whether or not they accept the facts of evolutionary biology. If they're evolution deniers they're uneducated morons. If they love evolution they believe in a worthless god. Of course they try to hide their god of the gaps somewhere else but what's the point of doing that? If their fairy wasn't necessary for the development of species, it's ridiculous to pretend it had anything to do with anything else.

The Christians who say "god guided evolution" or "god invented evolution" or "god used evolution" are just making things up to justify their death cult and their heaven/salvation fantasy. Natural processes don't need magic fairies. Even a small child should be able to figure that out.

The wimpy atheists who tell Christians "You can accept evolution and still believe in your fairy" have my contempt because they're liars and because they think it's OK for superstitious idiots to pollute biology with god bullshit. These atheists are also morons for pretending anyone is going to believe them. Atheist wimps are part of the religious insanity problem and I always celebrate when they drop dead.

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