Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Idiot America there is no shortage of evolution deniers (also known as uneducated morons) to ridicule. Here's another example.

A Christian tard visited a Texas news website and wrote some bullshit about evolution. This was my reply.

Jerry R. wrote "In other words, there is no evidence of transitional life within the fossil beds of the earth."

Jerry R. obviously knows absolutely nothing about evolutionary biology or any other branch of science (but he writes about it anyway as do most Christian idiots). He is a good example of why it's important to teach evolution and not teach magical creationism.

By the way Jerry R. you're wrong about the fossils. And you're wrong to think fossils are the only evidence for evolution. I wonder why you superstitious morons so willingly make fools out of yourselves on the internet. Do you get extra points from your dead Jeebus for showing off your breathtaking stupidity?

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  1. Teh Stoopid! It HURTS!!!!

    I tried to reply to "Anonymous" but it's not working. Here it is for what it's worth:

    That's the most idiotic thing I've ever read. You did not "evolve" from any magical Sky-Daddy.

    You are a perfect example of why jobs are flying to China, India, and Mexico. If Americans keep dumbing down their children by ignoring the scientific method and all the results it has yielded, what are these idiot children going to do for a living? Who is going to engineer the bridges, develop the medications and take care of sick people?

    What do you do for a living, anonymous? Shovel cow dung? Because that's about the level you seem to be operating at.


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