Monday, December 6, 2010

In Idiot America the Christian stupidity and dishonesty is out of control.

This bullshit was written by Robert Romanelli, an idiot liar for Jeebus:

Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins are two peas in a pod. Both promote ideas that are not grounded in robust data nor tied to a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe. Dawkins is beating a dead horse. The neo-Darwinian paradigm has already been debunked by good science. Honest people will examine the evidence in such articles as those by Douglas Axe in the Journal of Molecular Biology, or books by Michael Behe, such as The Edge of Evolution; or DVDs by IllustraMedia, such as "Darwin's Dilemma." Honest people will follow the evidence wherever it leads. Others will merely turn a deaf ear and blindly follow their pet ideology as Dawkins does or their comfort-zone nebulous God-Force as Armstrong does. Get with the program. Read Douglas DeWar's The Transformist Illusion or Stephen Meyer's The Signature in the Cell, or check out for their amazing DVDs on Intelligent Design. There are NO transitional forms. We have known that for decades. Only Dawkins doesn't know it--because he doesn't want to. Such is the dishonesty of those who rigidly adhere to the defunct neo-Darwinian paradigm.

Notice he invokes the usual creationist idiots of the Christian Discovery Institute, an anti-science organization that has never discovered anything. His "follow the evidence wherever it leads" is his bullshit excuse for invoking supernatural magic. Of course this idiot liar accuses real scientists of being dishonest. He calls evolution (the strongest fact of science) "defunct". He calls evolutionary biology the "neo-Darwinian paradigm". Why don't you just call evolution "evolution" you retarded piece of shit?

The asshole for Jeebus complains that Dawkins is not "tied to a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe" as if there's something bad about not being insane.

To prove beyond any doubt he doesn't know what he's talking about, the asshole wrote "There are NO transitional forms. We have known that for decades." And he calls magic "intelligent design" as if calling magic by another name makes it less childish.

Robert Romanelli is an uneducated moron and he's full of shit. He's also a typical American Christian asshole.

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