Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why do I waste my time with these idiots? They can't understand anything.

This uneducated moron complained about what happened in a federal court in Dover Pennsylvania in 2005. Christians assholes unsuccessfully tried to tell high school biology teachers how to do their jobs, wasting one million dollars of taxpayer money on legal bills. The moron says the biology teachers should have been forced to read a statement promoting a Christian belief called magical intelligent design creationism. Even worse the idiot for Jeebus called evolution a religion as if the strongest fact of science is a religious cult and not an established truth.

I left the following comment there.

Human Ape said...

If evolution is a religion then gravity is a religion.

Evolution is a basic scientific fact. Scientific facts are not religions.

"They merely required that a statement be read by the biology teachers prior to teaching evolution – that it’s a theory and that there is another theory of origins."

Did you know that every single biology teacher refused to read the school board's statement about intelligent design? Did you know one biology teacher was so angry about creationists telling him how to do his job that he quit?

This is a big problem for creationists who want to force biology teachers to teach Christian beliefs. The teachers will always refuse to cooperate. And of course the Christians always lose in court, thanks to the Establishment Clause of our First Amendment.

I noticed biologists don't demand that preachers teach evolution in their churches. So why do Christians want to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs?

There's an important difference between the science of evolutionary biology and the religious idea called magical intelligent design creationism. Evolution is an established truth. A supernatural designer's magic wand is wild guessing and of course it's a myth.

Biology teachers only want to teach science and that's why they teach evolution. The religious alternatives are not science, even when code words like "design" are used instead of what religious ideas really are, childish beliefs in magic.

Your other problem is you misunderstand what a scientific theory is. There's a definition from the National Academy of Sciences. You can find it on my blog if you're interested. The point they make is that theories are the highest level of understanding in science, higher than facts and laws. Magical intelligent design creationism is not a scientific theory. It's not even an hypothesis. It's just a wild claim about a god making creatures out of nothing with a magic wand. That isn't science and it doesn't belong in a science classroom.

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