Monday, January 3, 2011

A Gallup poll shows why the USA is called Idiot America.

81% of Americans believe in heaven, 78% in angels, 70% in Satan, and 70% in hell.

A belief in any of this bullshit is a mental illness. The vast majority of Americans are insane.

Another Gallup poll shows that 84% of Americans either completely reject evolution or they pollute evolution with a god's magic wand. That closely matches the cowardly 81% who believe in a magical paradise where they think they go after they become worm food.

Since evolution so obviously kills every idiotic religious belief including heaven, it makes sense that most Americans either deny evolution or they stick their magic god fairy into it.

Try to imagine how cowardly, gullible, and bloody stupid a person has to be to believe in a magical heaven.

Try to imagine how sick in the head and how evil a person must be to believe in a magical hell.

Then of course there's the angels and Satan. That's totally out of control insanity but most Americans believe it.

The only possible explanation for this epidemic of burning stupidity is the relentless never-ending brainwashing of very young children. After centuries of practice nobody is better at mentally abusing innocent children than America's Christian assholes.

There is no way a person retarded enough to believe in Satan is ever going to be able to understand how evolution works. This poll shows that before America's scientific literacy can be improved, it's necessary to first somehow eradicate the Christian death cult.

What's the point of just improving science education if most of the students have already been permanently brain damaged and are unable to understand simple scientific concepts like natural selection? Definitely we need better education and more competent teachers, but it's even more important to ridicule the Liars-For-Jeebus as relentlessly as those assholes destroy young minds.

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