Monday, January 10, 2011

The stupidity burns.

News websites in Idiot America like to give equal time to what I call "fucking idiots". They are also known as "Christians" which is also an insult.

I left the following 5 comments at Some scientists also embrace creationism:


"There are thousands of serious scientists who doubt evolution."

You're a liar and a moron. Grow up.


"They work for the Creation Museum/Answers in Genesis."

The magical creation museum.

You call these Idiots-For-Jeebus "
serious scientists"?

Real scientists don't invoke your god fairy's magic wand to solve scientific problems.

Grow up moron.


These natural history museums heavily promote an evolutionary worldview, and yet the columnist is alarmed about one new facility that will compete against hundreds of pro-evolution museums?"

The problem is, Mr. Moron-For-Jeebus, your new facility is going to mentally abuse innocent children and it's going to make Idiot America even more stupid.

A scientific fact: All life is related. DNA evidence has repeatedly shown beyond any doubt all life evolved from the first simple living cells which got a foothold on earth almost four billion years ago.

The Liars-For-Jeebus-Industry can spread lies about this basic scientific fact all they want, but their dishonesty will never change reality. Their wishful thinking and their breathtaking stupidity will never make their magic god fairy real.


"an evolutionary worldview"

Basic scientific facts like evolution are not worldviews. Reality is not a viewpoint.

David Menton holds a doctorate in biology; Andrew Snelling holds a doctorate in geology and Georgia Purdom holds a doctorate in molecular genetics. They work for the Creation Museum/Answers in Genesis."

You three idiots should be put in prison for child abuse and excessive stupidity. You're a disgrace to your profession and a disgrace to the human race.


"It's amazing how one evolution activist can make so many errors in a column which ended up in a major U.S. newspaper."

Since when did your dishonesty and stupidity make you qualified to say what's an error?

Why do you call the world's biologists "
evolution activists"?

Why do you idiots make a living abusing innocent children? Are you too stupid to get a real job, or is being a dishonest asshole more lucrative for you?

Grow up or shut up, you worthless fake scientists.

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