Friday, January 7, 2011

"Worldview" is a religious word. Reality is not a worldview.

Christians like to pretend their magical creationism bullshit is equal to the science of evolution, equally valid, just a different worldview. They are wrong. Their stupidity, their total ignorance of science, and their cowardly fear of reality is not a worldview. Their childish idiotic magical fantasy world is a mental illness.

Normal people, also known as atheists, never use the religious word "worldview" because reality is not a viewpoint.

To be a Christian a person has to be insane. Their large numbers in the most backward countries (for example Idiot America) is no excuse. They are still batshit crazy. They can't call their childish ideas a worldview and not expect to be laughed at. They can't pretend calling their insane belief in magic a worldview so therefore biology teachers should be forced to teach it, and not expect to be treated like the terrorist assholes they really are.

And that's what the Christian war against science education really is, terrorism, no less dangerous to America than what the Muslim terrorists have done to us. American Christians are enemies of their own country. They are terrorists who are trying to destroy America, and they need to be treated like terrorists.

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