Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bible thumpers fear reality so they attack evolution with dishonest books.

A few years ago in Idiot America I was working with some idiots who believed in the magical powers of their god fairy. Of course they were evolution deniers. I started to think there was something wrong with these people when I frequently heard one worker talking about praying. Eventually I got asked about my religious beliefs, so of course they found out about my contempt for religious stupidity. The guy who liked to pray a lot said that Francis Collins (an idiot scientist who accepts evolution but still believes in supernatural magic) was a creationist. The next day I showed him a Francis Collins quote that showed beyond any doubt he was not a creationist. My brainwashed friend, after looking at this undeniable evidence that showed Collins accepted evolution, then told me "Francis Collins is a creationist". Then I realized my friend was a moron so I said OK and that was the end of it.

A few weeks later a Bible thumping lady we worked with gave me a 255 page book about why evolution is bullshit. I thanked her and said I would read it.

The anti-science pro-magic book was exactly what I expected. Lots of dishonest quote mining of scientists to make it appear they thought evolution has problems. Lots of examples of amazing creatures who are so complex they couldn't possibly have evolved, therefore they were magically created out of nothing. The book can be summarized in one sentence: "Complexity, complexity, complexity, therefore  magic."

Of course the Bible thumping idiots who wrote the book completely misunderstand natural selection even though it's an extremely simple scientific concept. For example they ask the question "Could life have originated by chance?" Of course new species don't appear by chance. But natural selection is the exact opposite of chance.

From Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True:

Chance alone cannot explain the marvelous fit between individuals and their environment. And it doesn't. True, the raw materials for evolution--the variations between individuals--are indeed produced by chance mutations. These mutations occur willy-nilly, regardless of whether they are good or bad for the individual. But it is the filtering of that variation by natural selection that produces adaptations, and natural selection is manifestly not random. It is a powerful molding force, accumulating genes that have a greater chance of being passed on to others, and in so doing making individuals even better able to cope with their environment. It is, then, the unique combination of mutation and selection--chance and lawfulness--that tells us how organisms become adapted.

Somehow America must figure out a way to throw out our incompetent biology teachers and replace them with real teachers who actually know something about the foundation of biology which is of course evolution. Right now most of our students are learning nothing about science. How can they learn anything when our worthless teachers either believe in magical creationism or they have a cowardly fear of Christian thugs who go berserk when a biology teacher has the nerve to teach biology.

Even if we had more competent science teachers, there would still be the problem of religious indoctrination which permanently destroys minds before the victims learn anything about science. This is why evolution must be taught starting at age 6 in First Grade before students become brain damaged.

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