Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's not enough to defend science education. The enemy must be attacked.

In a chess endgame it's not enough to just defend your pawns. If you're not spending virtually 100% of your time attacking your opponent's pawns you're going to lose.

In real life in any kind of war the same concept is true. If you're not attacking the enemy every chance you get, that war is going to last forever or you're going to lose.

The Christian war against science education is no exception. These Christians are assholes. They're uneducated morons. They're enemies of America, equal to or worse than terrorists.

It's immoral to be nice to terrorists and it's equally immoral to be nice to Christian assholes. When Christian politicians try to dumb down science education to accommodate their dead Jeebus those politicians need to be publicly humiliated. They need to be told they're retarded superstitious idiots who have no right to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs. What these god-soaked assholes are doing is treason and they need to be treated like the traitors they are. They must be ridiculed relentlessly. To do any less would be an insult to the students they are attacking. The Christian tards are trying to destroy the lives of America's students and they must be made to pay a terrible price for it.

When I was in the Army during basic training I learned a very important concept. A soldier must never attempt to just wound the enemy. Only losers do that. The goal must always be to kill them.

Now before the Google Corporation vaporizes my blog please understand I'm not suggesting the murder of America's Christian assholes. I'm not even suggesting they should be put in prison even though that's exactly what these traitors deserve. What I want is an all out war against these subhumans. Do everything to them except kill or injure them. Ruin their reputations and do whatever else is necessary to make them wish they never started their cowardly war against science education. Make these assholes for Jeebus learn how to shut the fuck up.

The defenders of science education need to stop being wimpy suck-ups. They must stop saying stupid things like "I respect your faith" which is equivalent to telling a criminal "I respect your career." The Tards-For-Jeebus need to be told "I have total contempt for your death cult and you, sir, are a fucking idiot."

This is a war. The Christian thugs started this war and the only way to end this war is to fight back and that means attacking the most idiotic invention in human history (the Christian death cult), and the brainwashed idiots who belong to it.

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