Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On another blog a person pretends a creationist asshole of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute is not a creationist.

I wrote these three comments at Beckwith responds to Forrest on Intelligent Design.

Blogger Human Ape said...

You wrote: Forrest, the crusader against Intelligent Design and logically-challenged scourge of imaginary creationists everywhere, is bound and determined to prove that Beckwith is a creationist, despite the fact that, like, he's not.

You also wrote: You are asked, however, to refrain from the following: 1. Name-calling; 2. Questioning the motives or integrity of people you have never met just because you disagree with them;

No name-calling? That's fine with me. I'm willing to censor myself to accommodate your rules but I have to draw the line somewhere. For example, if I'm certain a person is a professional liar, I'm going to call him or her a professional liar. If I can't state an obvious truth then I'm wasting my time here.

I will not question the integrity of people just because I disagree with them. I will only question their integrity when I'm absolutely certain they're pathological liars.

If telling the truth is against your rules I will let you do the censoring.

Beckwith was (and still is?) an employee of the Discovery Institute which everyone knows is a Christian creationist organization. The Christian Creationist Discovery Institute's business is lucrative thanks to generous contributions from their Christian creationist customers. Everyone knows their intelligent design are fancy code words that mean "The Christian God of the Bible made every species out of nothing using a magic wand and who knows what magic words."

The pathological liars of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute, including Beckwith, spread lies about scientists, science, and their own childish religious beliefs. They try to make magical creationism seem like a scientific idea by using language that sounds scientific. Of course real scientists know it's all gibberish. They call magic "design" as if calling magic by another name makes it less childish. Take away the dishonest gibberish and what you have left is virtually identical to Genesis of the Bible. By the way, Muslim terrorists love the creationists of the Discovery Institute.

So is Beckwith a creationist or not? Since he works for the Discovery Institute I would bet my life savings he's a science-denying creationist, not much different from the most insane Bible thumpers.

Many thanks for reading this before you vaporize it.

Blogger Human Ape said...

I did a google search on Beckwith and I found this "Beckwith states that he is not an intelligent design advocate, and his interests lie in the legal and cultural questions raised by the movement."

If a professional liar for Jeebus can lie about everything else, he can be dishonest about his own childish religious beliefs.

At the risk of breaking your rules again, it's extremely obvious Beckwith is lying about rejecting intelligent design magic and/or he's in this business for the money. His career is destroying science education so of course anything he says or does can never be trusted.

Blogger Human Ape said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to write so many comments but I have to say something else about Beckwith and you can find the whole thing on my blog if you want.

A quick google search shows that Beckwith has been actively trying to destroy America's science education. It's extremely obvious he's a liar and most civilized people would call him equal to a terrorist because what he's been doing, trying to destroy this country's future, is treason.


I didn't write this on the other blog but I'm putting it here because I want to demonstrate that Beckwith isn't just a dishonest professional asshole for Jeebus. Beckwith is guilty of treason. He has been actively trying to destroy science education in America and that makes this disgusting idiot equal to a terrorist.

Intelligent design and the Discovery Institute

Beckwith states that he is not an intelligent design advocate, and his interests lie in the legal and cultural questions raised by the movement.[12] Beckwith has stated that although he is sympathetic to theintelligent design movement he thinks they mistakenly accept "the modern idea that an Enlightenment view of science is the paradigm of knowledge."[13] Critics of intelligent design, such as Barbara Forrest, consider Beckwith a proponent.[14] Beckwith often speaks on the legal permissibility of teaching intelligent design in public school science classes, arguing that it is legally permissible and arguing against the ruling in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District that intelligent design is essentially religious in nature, a form of creationism, and thus its teaching as science in public schools violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. He provided much of the legal reasoning and justification behind the claim of the Discovery Institute that intelligent design is not a religious belief and maintains that the religious motives of the policy's supporters, which he says the judge in the case relied on, should have no bearing on assessing the constitutionality of the policy, since a motive is a belief and the federal courts have, in other contexts, forbidden the government's assessing of beliefs.[15][16] Beckwith is closely tied to the Discovery Institute intelligent design campaigns, both from his arguments and writings being often repeated and promoted by the Discovery Institute[17] and by receiving support from the Institute during his tenure controversy.[18][19][20][21] Beckwith endorsed fellow Discovery Institute Fellow Richard Weikart's controversial book, From Darwin to Hitler, Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics and Racism in Germany.[22]


3/10/2011 UPDATE:

I returned to the asshole's website. All of my comments were censored. Liars love censorship.

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