Sunday, March 20, 2011

I wrote a comment for a science denier (as if the god-soaked idiot was able to understand reality).

The tard wrote "It's ironic that people will believe that humans evolved from apes because of one 'transitional fossil' LUCY." I wrote the following two comments there:


"It's ironic that people will believe that humans evolved from apes because of one 'transitional fossil' LUCY."

There's also ARDI and Kadanuumuu and several other fossils of human ancestors, look it up. One of your problems (you have a lot of problems) is you don't understand any of the other evidence for evolution. You don't even know there is other evidence. The fossils are important (and there's plenty of them, for example the fossil record that describes the transition from land animals to whales is complete, look it up) but the evidence for evolutionary relationships from molecular biology and genetics is many times more powerful (look it up). The fossils are not necessary.

Biologists don't "believe" people developed from the same ancient apes chimpanzees developed from. Biologists KNOW this is a basic scientific fact because even religious biologists can't deny what they can see with their own eyes when they compare DNA sequences of modern human apes and modern chimpanzee apes. It would be like asking a biologist to say the earth is flat.

By the way, people are still apes for the same reason modern chimps are still apes. Humans are one of the modern ape species which is a basic scientific fact you can find in any encyclopedia.

Your magical creationism is just plain wrong. That's not how it happened. You're going to have to find some other place to hide your god of the gaps.

You disgrace your religion when you deny basic facts of science. That's fine with me but I wonder why you would want to do that.

Another person wrote about "the strengths and weaknesses of evolution". That's nonsense. Reality does not have weaknesses. There will forever be research opportunities in evolutionary biology but these points for future understanding are not weaknesses. It would be like saying our planet's orbit around the sun has weaknesses and that's also ridiculous.

Google is your friend. Use it to educate yourself. Also, if you're going to have a cowardly fear of the religious implications you're never going to learn anything. But do what you want. It's your wasted life, not mine.


You wrote in a comment "She actually said the Bible was wrong. Such incidents should be reported!"

Telling the truth is an incident?

Perhaps a public school biology teacher should be saying nothing about holy books in a science classroom but that doesn't change the fact those holy books are always wrong about science.

I wonder why you prefer ancient books instead of modern scientific discoveries. Do you think there's some advantage to hiding in the Dark Ages while normal people live in the 21st century?

In my blog there is a label called "evidence for evolution" which links to 47 posts which explain some of the massive evidence for evolution. You will use any excuse to avoid studying it (or using google to do your own research) but maybe one of your readers doesn't want to be a willfully ignorant coward.


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