Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A dictator murders thousands of innocent people. The leader of the free world says "I don't care."

Our president, with virtually no risk to American lives, could have been using our warplanes to destroy the tanks, warplanes, and warships that are being used to keep a ruthless dictator in power. Instead Obama says "That would be too hard."

Apparently the President of the United States didn't get the memo.

The president's excuse is the same excuse used by the generals he sucks up to, which is helping a population become free like Americans would get us involved in a never ending war. The problem with that logic is it's not really that difficult to later say "We did our bit. Now you're on your own. Good luck and goodbye."


  1. You mean like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  2. I'm for ending those two wars now.


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