Saturday, March 5, 2011

A national disgrace: 84% of Americans invoke magic to explain the development of the human ape species.

This is perhaps the best evidence for the idea that religion makes stupid people even more retarded.

A 2010 Gallup Poll shows that only 16% of Americans accept this basic scientific fact: the modern human ape species developed from ancient apes and supernatural magic had nothing to do with it.

The other 84% of Americans are uneducated morons. These retards include the 40% of Americans who believe a fairy used a magic wand to create the human species out of nothing, the 38% who believe magic was a mechanism of human evolution, and 6% who don't know or don't care.

These results, as pathetic as they are, show a gradual improvement since 1982 when 91% of Americans were god-soaked idiots.

This disgraceful scientific illiteracy is one of many reasons why I have no respect for religious people and anyone else who thinks religions are harmless.

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