Sunday, March 6, 2011

It could even be aliens or a time traveler.

Please see the previous post. It's a New York Times article from 12/21/2005.

"It could even be aliens or a time traveler." -- Dishonest assholes for Jeebus who were trying to pretend their INTELLIGENT (THE MAGIC MAN DID IT) DESIGN is a scientific idea and not a sneaky attempt to force biology teachers to preach the gibberish in the Bible's Genesis (as if they would ever agree to teach bullshit).

The Christian assholes lost and they lost badly. The federal judge (appointed by a science-denying moron president) called Christians pathological liars.

Fuck you Christians.


From the New York Times: "The scientists who have put intelligent design forward as a valid avenue of scientific research said they were disappointed by Judge Jones's ruling but that they thought its long-term effects would be limited."

I have to wonder why the New York Times was sucking up to the losers. There are exactly zero scientists who invoke magic (or what Christian assholes call intelligent design).

If a fake scientist invokes magic, that scientist is no longer a scientist. Real scientists don't invoke a god fairy's magic wand to solve scientific problems.

Understand Christian retards? I didn't think so. Just fuck off, shut up, and go praise your dead Jeebus.

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