Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who is correct about evolution? The National Academy of Sciences or a retarded hick preacher man from Alabama?

The National Academy of Sciences is the most elite organization in science. Only the best scientists of the world are members.

The preacher man knows everything there is to know about his worthless idiotic Bible. The preacher says evolution conflicts with the childish bullshit in Genesis therefore evolution is a false idea and the world's biologists are wrong and/or dishonest about everything.

The scientists of the National Academy of Sciences are the world's experts in their branches of science. They all love evolution. They all agree the evidence for evolution is more than overwhelming. They all agree evolution is the strongest basic fact of science.

Where do Christian retards (they're all retarded) get their science information from? The idiot preacher of course.

Any of you Christian assholes reading this want to explain yourself? Please write a comment to defend your breathtaking stupidity. Let's have it morons.

For all of those who do see the overwhelming evidence of natural selection and life's descent from ancestors, and the immense span of time over which the story of life unfolded, it is, to put it mildly, baffling how so many still do not. It is absolutely astonishing and often infuriating that some take it so far as to deny the immense foundation of evidence and to slander all the human achievement that foundation represents.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christian parents and professional Christian assholes train students to not trust their biology teachers.

Several branches of the Christian Death Cult are famous for their anti-science fantasies. For them the childish bullshit in Genesis is an established truth, and the reality of evolutionary biology is "just a theory" which they think means "just a wild guess that has no evidence". They are of course wrong about the definition of a scientific theory and they're wrong about the evidence (there's tons of it).

How do these anti-science cults exist in a 21st century world of amazing scientific discoveries? For the idiots of Idiot America scientific progress and science education are not a big problem. They have more than a century of experience in dumbing down science education and they are supported by Idiot America's lucrative Liars-For-Jeebus industry. Even when they are unable to intimidate biology teachers to get the foundation of biology (evolution) removed from all biology lessons, even when they are unable to get unconstitutional laws passed to give Intelligent Design (AKA supernatural magic) equal treatment in science classrooms, they know their children have been brainwashed enough to ignore and/or not trust anything their teacher says about evolution. Even the very best biology teachers are often not able to convince their zombie students to try to understand how evolution works and why evolution is the strongest and most important basic fact of science.

Too frequently in Idiot America it's not necessary for Christian assholes to harass and threaten the biology teacher because the teacher is a Christian retard who teaches magical intelligent design creationism (AKA Genesis) instead of evolution. In a normal country these incompetent morons would be fired and publicly humiliated but in Idiot America nobody complains.

What about the 2005 Dover trial? Science education won and angry voters threw out the Christian assholes on the Dover school board. The Dover trial was a great victory for science but America's anti-science cults are more popular than ever. No matter how excellent is the science education, it's still a major challenge to undo the religious brainwashing that destroys young minds long before their first science class.

The solution is to not wait until high school to teach evolution. Christian scum teach their children magical creationism at an extremely young age. Therefore teaching evolution starting in First Grade (age 6) should be mandatory for America's public schools. And students who go to religious schools must be required to attend public school science classes (also starting at age 6). Small children have the right to know what they are (they're apes) and how their species developed. They also have the right to grow up to be normal and sane, and not be uneducated morons like their superstitious cowardly Christian parents.

I should love to have everybody taught about evolution from a fairly early age, because it is so important, so exciting. It answers so many questions and mysteries; it solves so many problems. Until you know about it, you're wandering around on this Earth looking at trees and birds and flowers, not knowing why any of them is there. Evolution is the answer to that riddle, so you're not really a whole person if you don't know where you come from and why you exist. And it's not difficult. It's not like relativity, it's not like quantum theory – it's something teachable to fairly young children.
-- Richard Dawkins

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's impossible to be more retarded than a Christian asshole.

Human Ape said...

"Darwinism did not die out, despite its laughable paucity of evidence, because from beginning to end it is a religion."

Evolutionary biology is a religion?

Evolution, the strongest basic fact of science and the foundation of biology, has a laughable paucity of evidence?

You probably prefer to forever be an uneducated moron. Other people can read my 50 posts about the massive and extremely powerful evidence for evolution here:


Human Ape said...

From their website: "Revelation 7: 11,12"

These weirdos know nothing about science but they can thump their Bible.

Pathetic scum. Grow up or shut up.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

channel 243: South Florida's Catholic propaganda TV station

Whenever I see a Catholic priest I say "There goes a pervert who molests little boys." Even Catholics probably think the same thing.

South Florida's Catholic TV station doesn't talk about the sexual child abuse their religion is famous for. They don't talk about the fact most contributions made during Sunday Mass are used to pay the legal bills for their long history of molesting children.

The last time I watched it I had to laugh at the idiot who talked about Eternal Life which is what the professional Catholic assholes sell. Living Forever In Heaven is their most important bullshit. It's what keeps their death cult from going extinct. They never mention the facts about Eternal Life. For example, only cowardly morons believe in it, it makes terrorism possible, there's no evidence for it, it's impossible, it's a childish fantasy.

Catholics are suppose to be pro-science but the vast majority of Catholic idiots are science deniers. They're equal to the fundamentalists. They're terrified of evolutionary biology. Other Catholics pretend to accept evolution but virtually always they pollute biology with their god fairy. They invoke supernatural magic for the development of modern human apes.

Their problem with evolution is the same as what fundamentalists worry about. If we are just apes (we're just apes) then the Eternal Life fantasy makes no sense. They know their fairy isn't going to invent a magical heaven for creatures who are just animals (we're just animals). So like the fundamentalists (Christian Bible thumpers and Muslim terrorists) the Catholics either completely deny the massive evidence for evolution or they stick their dead Jeebus into it.

Is the person reading this right now a Catholic? If yes, grow up you idiot. Stop giving your money to perverts and at least try to stop being a cowardly superstitious moron.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why some people are able to recover from religious brainwashing while other people remain permanently god-soaked with no hope of being cured.

I have met many victims of religious indoctrination who are way beyond incurable. They understand the religious implications of science so they deny evolution and they refuse to study it. They figure why bother learning something that couldn't possibly be true. Any curiosity they might have had when they were younger has been totally sucked out of them. Their idiotic god belief has become a major part of their life. They couldn't throw out their childish superstitions for the same reason they couldn't intentionally chop off one of their hands. It's just unthinkable for them to throw out their supernatural fantasies.

In most cases their mental illness is incurable because they're just plain stupid. There are exceptions. There are people who are not morons but they're still god-soaked science deniers. I've met religious people who seem to be very intelligent. They are very successful at their careers. They are able to think and use logic to solve complex problems.

Then later I notice something odd about them. I hear them talking about strange things like praying. I find out they're evolution deniers. I think that's interesting, I know they're not morons but still they deny the most important basic fact of science. I attempt to reason with them. Then I find out it's like they can't hear me. I realize they can't understand because they don't want to understand. For them god made people out of nothing. Period. There's no reason to consider any other alternative. Their minds are cemented shut and nothing else can get in there.

These same people, if they were born into a family that wasn't god-soaked, if their parents stressed the importance of science education, they would have grown up to be normal adults, totally free of any supernatural bullshit infecting their minds. Instead they were brainwashed and the mental child abuse was intense, lasting many years. Maybe if somebody was able to help them before they were 21 years old they might have had a chance to be normal but now it's too late. They will waste the rest of their lives believing in insane bullshit and there is nothing that can be done for them.

The problems caused by the god disease are not limited to the victims. God-soaked idiots will most certainly do everything they can to infect their own children. Often they will attack science education and that's a problem for everyone else's children. They also attack scientific progress and that's a problem for the entire human race. Even worse, every single day somewhere in the world, one or more of these sick people blow themselves up in the middle of a crowd, killing or injuring everyone there. For what? To please their magic god fairy. There's thousands of these insane assholes waiting in line to murder for their idiotic religion.

I can think of only one way to eradicate the world's out of control religious insanity. There must be mandatory science education starting at age six with a special emphasis on evolutionary biology. Unfortunately many students never get a satisfactory science education, and even when they're lucking enough to get a competent biology teacher in high school it's already too late because their religious brainwashing is irreversible.

The problem is getting worse. The suicide bombings occur so frequently it's become boring to read about it no matter how many dozens of innocent people are murdered. In Idiot America the Christian war against science education seems like it will never end. Even the 2005 Dover trial which cost taxpayers one million dollars was not enough to make Christian assholes understand they're not qualified to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs.

Perhaps it's best to just ignore the whole thing instead of wasting time trying to fight the overwhelming stupidity.

Why are some victims of religious indoctrination able to grow up and throw out the religious bullshit?

I suggest they already had what it takes to not believe the bullshit at a very young age. For example there's myself. I was a student at a Catholic school for nine years, kindergarten thru 8th grade. Virtually every year the teacher was a nun but one year, I think it was 3rd grade, we were lucky enough to get a human teacher (not a nun). She may or may not have been religious but she never talked about it. One day she had to take an hour off for some appointment so a nun substituted for her. The nun was an insane asshole and I can't stress the words insane and asshole strongly enough. If I was really smart I would have stood up in the middle of her babbling and told her she was full of shit and she should fuck off, being ready to defend myself if she tried to assault me. Instead I just sat there in terror like the rest of the students while the ugly nun told us how evil we are and how we most certainly are all going to go to her magical hell.

Later on the way home I was walking with another student who was constantly getting away with stuff he shouldn't have been doing. He told me he was afraid of the nun's threats. Even though I was very young I knew the nun was an idiot and so I told my friend to not worry, he's not going to hell. So even though I had bought the god bullshit I was not able to believe all the bullshit.

Then much later in high school a couple of things happened that changed my life. First I was asked by my girlfriend "Why do you go to church?" I was so shocked by the question I was speechless so she changed the subject. Then later at church for two Sundays in a row the pastor during his sermon could only talk about one thing, why we should give away more of our hard-earned money to the wealthy Vatican. Not much later I announced to my family I was no longer going to church. I just didn't believe any of it anymore. Because I had endured several years of intense brainwashing it took me a bit longer to completely throw out all the god fairy bullshit, but now after studying science for a few years I am totally convinced god, which is just another word for magic, is not necessary for anything, and of course magic is a ridiculously childish fantasy.

Unfortunately millions of victims don't have what it takes to grow up. They are wasting their lives and they don't even know it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"The Bible was written by the Hebrew people, who strangely turned out to be the Chosen People. I ask you what were the odds?"

The title of this post came from a YouTube video I just watched.

Because of their relatively small numbers, and because they are more likely to be pro-science than other religious idiots, and because I have some sympathy for what they endured during World War Two, I have been mostly ignoring Judaism. Now I think it's about time to point out they're part of the problem.

I bet most Jews believe in the "Chosen People" bullshit. I would also bet the "Chosen People" label might be why some Jews who became normal (AKA atheists) call themselves "Jewish atheists" which is as ridiculous as if I called myself a Catholic atheist. They have their excuses but considering the fact that religious insanity is out of control, it's about time to throw out all religious labels even if those same labels are used for other things. The idiots who call themselves "Jewish atheists" have my contempt. The word atheist doesn't need any adjectives.

The religious Jews who think their god fairy gave them some Middle East real estate (and the Christian assholes who suck up to Jewish assholes) have my total contempt.

It's about time for Idiot America to become neutral in the Middle East instead of favoring the Jewish theocracy in Israel. If we were neutral before 2001 there never would have been the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We have now burned thru one trillion dollars of taxpayer money because of the two wars those terrorist attacks made possible. Is Israel worth one trillion dollars of my money? Heck no. All theocracies are worthless and they need to be eradicated.

I have frequently seen on TV religious Jews bobbing their head back and forth in front of their sacred wall in Israel. Are these idiots batshit crazy? Yes, for sure, they're as insane as the Muslim terrorists and the Christian Bible thumpers.

It's about time for America to stop sucking up to stupid assholes. We should tell Israel "You're on your own now. If you think your fairy gave you Israel that's your problem. If you get overrun by your neighbors who will always hate you, who cares?"

At another website somebody asked "Did Darwin kill god?" Then he gave the wrong answer.

The question was "Did Darwin kill god?". The question was not "Did Darwin kill belief in god?"

Just because this planet is infested with uneducated morons and superstitious assholes doesn't change the fact that Darwin killed god (AKA the god hypothesis). He showed that god fairies never had anything to do therefore they don't exist.

This is a simple concept. Science has made magic fairies unnecessary, therefore all religions and all religious beliefs can be thrown out now. Unfortunately it might take a few more centuries before the world's idiots get the memo.

120 million Americans believe a god fairy used a magic wand to create modern human apes out of nothing less than 10,000 years ago.

Another 114 million Americans believe a god fairy used a magic wand to guide the evolution of modern human apes.

Another 18 million Americans don't know or don't care how modern human apes developed.

48 million Americans accept the scientific consensus and massive scientific evidence that shows modern human apes developed from ancient apes who lived millions of years ago and supernatural bullshit did NOT guide this natural process.

Total number of Americans: 300 million

Total number of uneducated morons in America: 252 million

Total number of religious idiots in America: 252 million

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Christian war against science education is only a small part of the Christian war against America's constitution.

There are rare exceptions but most Christian assholes want to make America a theocracy.

Here's the latest example. Christian retards are traitors.

There must be a complete separation of church and state in America. Absolutely no exceptions. The time for sucking up to Christian subhumans is over with. Any Christian who tries to stick their dead Jeebus into our government should be hunted down, tortured, and killed.

(Now watch the Google Thought Police vaporize my entire blog.)

"Islam is at war with America, both from outside and inside the country." -- Pat Connell

Justice for Osama

Someone wrote "This is what heaven will sound like." You idiot, you already live in a real heaven. You don't need your childish magical heaven.

Religious fantasies used to be good for something including the ancient religious paintings at Chicago's Art Institute and some ancient religious music. I like Handel's Messiah and I especially like Miserere Mei Deus which before Mozart wrote the whole thing down could only be heard at the Vatican.

As long as people understand Psalm 51 is bullshit there's no harm in enjoying this priceless music.

Miserere Mei Deus

This piece is Psalm 51, but first set to music by Allegri around 1630. It is one of the finest and most popular examples of renaissance polyphony. It is often heard in Churches of the apostolic Christian tradition on Ash Wednesday, immediately following Shrove (or pancake) Tuesday, marking Christ's return to Jerusalem. Beautifully performed here by The Sixteen, listen out for the simplicity, humility and reverence.

About The Sixteen

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Christians of Louisiana are world-class stupid fucking assholes.

Student challenges prayer at Bastrop graduation, Threatens to contact ACLU if prayer is offered

A student demanded his high school respect the United States Constitution and keep their dead Jeebus out of their graduation ceremony. Now the entire hick-infested town is harassing him for not being a theocratic asshole.

Here's a comment from a Bible thumping asshole who wants to throw out our constitution so he can have his Jeebus theocracy. My response would be censored because I would write "Fuck you asshole. Get out of my country you retarded piece of shit."

This really makes me mad. If they don't want to pray then stick your fingers in your ears. I think that they should pray anyway. If they keep letting these kind of people win the fight then its going to get worse and worse. I say if they don't have an official prayer at graduation then the kids should get togather and have one. Thats their choice and it would clear the school system from any wrong doing. I hope they don't let this one kid get away with this. Stand up for God and let people know that we want step aside and let this keep happening. If you don't believe they way I do then don't pray. Thats your right but you are not going to take away my right to pray if I want to ! ( But he that shall deny me before me shall be denied before the angels of heaven. (Luke 12.9)

America's idiot Bible thumpers almost look normal when compared to Muslim scum.

This is Saudi Arabia's flag. The Arabic inscription means "There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is the messenger of Allah".

This would be like if America's flag had a picture of the dead Jeebus on it. Saudi Arabia is a theocracy.

From wikipedia: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic theocratic monarchy in which Islam is the official religion. Although no law requires citizens or passport holders to be Muslim, almost all citizens are Muslims. Proselytizing by non-Muslims is illegal, and conversion by Muslims to another religion (apostasy) carries the death penalty, although as of 2010 there have been no confirmed reports of executions for apostasy in recent years.[1]

If Muslims in Saudi Arabia grow up and become normal people (AKA atheists) they could be arrested by the Saudi Arabia thought police and executed by their own government. It's possible there are thousands of atheists in Saudi Arabia and they keep quiet about being normal to protect their lives.

Muslims are pathetic. It's impossible to more insane. It's impossible to be more morally corrupt.

If you're a Muslim and you have the nerve to still live in America after you idiots murdered 3,000 innocent people in 2001, you're a fucking asshole. Get out of my country you worthless superstitious morons.

Christians are dishonest fucking assholes.

At a news website in god-soaked Colorado another Christian asshole shows off his dishonesty and his breathtaking stupidity. Some wimp will probably censor the comment I wrote for the Christian retard so I'm going to publish it here.


Philip Bovee, you're an uneducated moron and you're a liar.

You wrote "
He could have pointed out that 10 years ago a group of more than 100 scientists with Ph.D.s. From places like Yale, and MIT took out a 2-page advertisement in a national magazine, entitled A Scientific Dissent from Darwin."

That didn't happen. Science deniers at MIT? You're a liar.

You wrote "
Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins thinks life may have originated on Earth as the result of space aliens seeding the planet with spores."

Dawkins never invoked aliens for anything. You're a liar.

You called evolutionary biology the "
Religion of Darwinism".

Do you really think basic scientific facts like evolution are religions? Are you really that stupid?

Obviously you are extremely stupid. You're a typical retarded liar for Jeebus.

Grow up or shut up.

The pathological liar Philip Bovee calls intelligent design a scientific theory as if his childish belief in supernatural magic is a scientific idea. Grow up Bovee. If you're too cowardly to grow up you should at least learn how to shut up about what you know nothing about, and you obviously know nothing about science. What you're good at is lying. I never saw so much dishonesty in one post before. You're a typical liar for the dead Jeebus.

You even invoked nazis. What does that have to do with science? You're not just an uneducated hick. You're boring.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The amateur science-deniers of the internet who copy and paste for their dead Jeebus.

Frequently I see on news websites drooling morons copying and pasting anti-science bullshit to promote magical intelligent design creationism and to attack evolutionary biology. Like the professional liars for Jeebus they try to imitate, they never explain how creatures are magically created out of nothing. They never describe their god fairy's (code word = designer) magic wand. They just copy and paste the usual dishonest quote-mining of real scientists, the usual links to Christian websites who pretend to sound scientific (for example the assholes of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute), and the usual "if it's complicated the magical designer did it".

These retards for Jeebus who show off their overwhelming stupidity on news websites are pathetic. I don't waste my time explaining why they're being dishonest and why they are wrong about everything. I just write "nice copy and paste job you fucking idiot".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's too bad about America's Republican Party. They used to have some good ideas but now it's nothing more than a branch of the Christian Death Cult.

I wrote the following comment at this news website. A Republican candidate for President of Idiot America invokes both supernatural magic and science and says both can be true.

It's impossible for a Republican politician to get Republican votes unless the politician is as stupid as the voters. That's not a problem for Gingrich because he's an idiot.

"The former House speaker adopted a nuanced stance in the thorny debate over how life first formed, telling his Minnesota Family Council audience that both theological and scientific views can be right."

There is no debate. Biologists agree the development of the first simple living cells and their evolution into millions of species was a natural process that continues today. If Gingrich really believes theological views can be correct then he's stupid enough to be a Republican.

Another post about something that couldn't possibly be more obvious (except to Idiot America).

"From May 1859, the origin of the Origin of Species, it was impossible for an intelligent person to be religious." -- David Horton

The brilliant Mr. Horton of Australia is implying all religious people are stupid. He is right of course. If you still believe in a magic god fairy in 2011 (152 years after Darwin's Origin of Species) you're an idiot.

A recent Gallup poll showed that only 16% of Americans accept evolution without supernatural magic. This means at least 84% of Americans have a childish belief in a god fairy. Does this mean 84% of Americans are idiots? Most definitely yes. They are all drooling morons. As stupid as it's possible to be. A belief in a magical god fairy is no less childish than believing in the magical Easter Bunny.

Why are so many Americans idiots? What's their problem?

That's easy to answer. Most Americans are members of the Christian Death Cult, the most idiotic invention in history. They believe their dead decomposing Jeebus was resurrected into a zombie who later flew up to the clouds. You can't get more retarded than that. Even worse Americans believe they are going to be resurrected into a magical heaven, never caring how ridiculous and cowardly the heaven fantasy is, never caring heaven made the 9/11 terrorists attacks possible, never caring about our trillion dollar wars that 9/11 made possible. Americans are fucking idiots.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ten reasons why heaven is bullshit.

This is my 23rd post about heaven. It's important to eradicate the cowardly childish idiotic heaven fantasy because it makes terrorism possible. Here's 10 reasons why there couldn't possibly be a supernatural heaven.

1. Heaven is ridiculously impossible.

2. Heaven is exactly what a gullible coward would wish for.

3. There's not a shred of evidence for a supernatural heaven.

4. Evolution is a bloody fact. Therefore we are just animals. The same natural processes that caused the development of cockroaches also caused the development of our species (modern human apes). Even the most retarded Bible thumper and even the most insane terrorist agrees there's no magical heaven for cockroaches, so there's absolutely no reason to believe dead human apes go there.

5. There's no magic in the universe.

6. Even if there was magic in the universe, a master of the universe would have to be waving its magic wand constantly to perform all the magic tricks required to transport dead people there. It's fair to say it wouldn't bother with it.

7. There's not one shred of evidence for the magic god fairy that would be required to send dead human apes to a magical heaven.

8. A person would have to be an idiot to believe in heaven. Does this mean the majority of Americans are idiots? YES.

9. A person would have to be a drooling moron to believe in heaven. Does this mean the majority of Americans are extremely stupid? YES.

10. Have you ever smelled a dead human animal? It's worse than disgusting. These things stay dead. They don't magically reappear somewhere else. If you really believe the heaven bullshit, you need to grow up, face facts, and learn how to stop being a gullible coward.


Christian morons, how does this heaven business work? If I understand your cowardly belief correctly, your soul (whatever that is) magically flies up to the clouds (or who knows where) and then magically transforms itself into your disgusting dead body, except now you're alive again, living in some magical place infested with other Christian idiots like yourselves. Jeebus must be waving his magic wand like crazy to make this bullshit work.

And your magical selves live forever in this fantasy land, for trillions and trillions of years. Long after the entire universe goes extinct, you're still alive playing with your harp, bored out of your fucking mind.


Here's another reason to throw out the cowardly childish heaven fantasy.

Our planet is just a speck of almost nothing in a vast universe of trillions and trillions of solar systems. Why would a magical master of the universe give this place special treatment? It makes no sense. Of course the magic god fairy also makes no sense.

Richard Feynman tried to explain it. I have shown this quote to Christian tards before. They don't understand. They can't think and they don't want to think. They're Christians because they're drooling morons.

"I can't believe the special stories that have been made up about our relationship to the universe at large because they seem to be too simple, too local, too provincial. The earth, he came to the earth, one of the aspects of god came to the earth mind you, and look at what's out there. It isn't in proportion."
-- Richard Feynman


I wrote this comment at Imagine no heaven.

humanape says:

The cowardly childish idiotic heaven fantasy (which makes terrorism possible) is extremely important to Christians. To believe in a heaven they of course have to be gullible morons. Also, they have to believe people were magically created out of nothing to be completely separate from the rest of nature. Evolution kills this bullshit, therefore Christians must either completely deny evolution or they must stick Jeebus into it somewhere. Accepting evolution as pure science (without supernatural intervention) is out of the question for the cowards who need to believe in another life after dropping dead.

My point is for Christians to fully accept the evidence for evolution they must first throw out their death cult. Atheists who dishonestly say Christians can accept both evolution and Jeebus are doing it wrong. To improve scientific literacy in Idiot America, the idiots must first learn how to grow up. They have to throw out Christianity.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The most idiotic supernatural fantasy ever invented. Hint: 2.1 billion idiots believe in it.

  1. Christianity: 2.1 billion
  2. Islam: 1.5 billion
  3. Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
  4. Hinduism: 900 million
  5. Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
  6. Buddhism: 376 million
  7. primal-indigenous: 300 million
  8. African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million
  9. Sikhism: 23 million
  10. Juche: 19 million
  11. Spiritism: 15 million
  12. Judaism: 14 million
  13. Baha'i: 7 million
  14. Jainism: 4.2 million
  15. Shinto: 4 million
  16. Cao Dai: 4 million
  17. Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million
  18. Tenrikyo: 2 million
  19. Neo-Paganism: 1 million
  20. Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand
  21. Rastafarianism: 600 thousand
  22. Scientology: 500 thousand
It's interesting there's more than one billion normal people on this planet (I reluctantly include agnostics who are full-of-shit idiots).

There's 2.1 billion Christian retards and this post is about them and the one fantasy they must believe to be called a real Christian.

Last night at work I was watching a TV program on a public TV station. (I spend more time at work entertaining myself than doing any actual work. Thank goodness because I hate real jobs.) It had five professional Christian morons who spent a half hour talking about the resurrection of the stinking decomposing Jeebus corpse into a zombie. They all believed it. They all agreed there is no scientific evidence for it. To justify their disgusting zombie fantasy they quoted the Bible, as if their worthless holy book is anything more than gibberish and childish fairy tales. They agreed the resurrection of the dead Jeebus is a required belief. They said if you don't believe it you're not a Christian. They talked about the witnesses who were skeptical but then were convinced as if that was enough evidence for something ridiculously impossible.

After the TV show I talked to a lady who I knew is a Catholic. "Do you believe in the Resurrection?" "Yes." "You're sure?" "Yes." "You understand it's impossible?" Then she changed the subject. She wanted to talk about a fucking idiot she saw on TV who predicted the world would end next week.

I didn't bother to ask her why would a supernatural-master-of-the-universe perform a disgusting magic trick on this tiny planet in the middle of nowhere.

The good news about the Jeebus zombie myth is it's a required belief. Therefore to eradicate the Christian Death Cult it's only necessary to convince 2.1 billion people the impossible never happens. That should be easy. Unfortunately all 2.1 billion Christians are gullible idiots. Even worse there's a major industry that exists only to brainwash children with Christian bullshit and this child abuse is legal.

Will the Christian Death Cult last forever? Will the Jeebus-was-a-zombie bullshit still infest this planet a million years from now?

"I can't believe the special stories that have been made up about our relationship to the universe at large because they seem to be too simple, too local, too provincial. The earth, he came to the earth, one of the aspects of god came to the earth mind you, and look at what's out there. It isn't in proportion."

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fuck off Google.

Google screwed up. They deleted my last posts and they removed changes to old posts. Get it fixed Google, you fucking morons.

By the way Google, thanks to you cowardly wimps I have to censor myself on my own blog. I know you're cowards because you vaporized the previous version of this blog because some Christian crybaby complained. Fuck off Google.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Obama killed Osama.

Way to go Mr. President. Your reelection in 2012 is for sure now, especially considering the fucking idiots running as Republicans, a collection of science deniers and uneducated morons.

What was most interesting to me about the execution of the Osama asshole was the reaction of America's Muslim scum. They seem to think now they will be more accepted by other Americans. I don't think so. You Muslim morons still belong to a terrorist organization and you're still superstitious idiots.

What you American Muslims need to do, and you would have done this 10 years ago if you had any decency at all, is throw out your suicide bomber religion. All you got to do is grow up and face facts. Your dead Mohammed was an asshole and the religion he invented is 100% pure bullshit (as are all other religious cults).

If you Muslim scum are too cowardly and/or too bloody stupid to grow up, the ridicule and contempt will never end.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Christian stupidity in Alabama

I wrote the following comment at this Alabama news website but the stupid assholes (AKA Christian retards) censored it. I published my comment again and it was censored again because Christians are cowards.


"Have we been so beguiled by the years of prosperity to actually believe our prominence as a nation was achieved without God’s help?"

Ed J. Mulvaney Jr., a better question would be "
Will you ever grow up and throw out your childish fantasies?" There's not a shred of evidence for your magic god fairy. Your idiotic belief in a magical god is a mental illness.

Also, Ed J. Mulvaney Jr., if you have a problem with the Establishment Clause of our constitution then you need to get out of my country. Go live in Iran if you want to live in a theocracy.

One more thing, Ed J. Mulvaney Jr.. Your "
intelligent design" are just fancy words dishonest Christians use when they really mean "god's magic wand". Do you really think biology teachers should be forced to teach magic in their science classrooms?

Your problem, Ed J. Mulvaney Jr., is you're an uneducated moron and a superstitious idiot.