Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another post about something that couldn't possibly be more obvious (except to Idiot America).

"From May 1859, the origin of the Origin of Species, it was impossible for an intelligent person to be religious." -- David Horton

The brilliant Mr. Horton of Australia is implying all religious people are stupid. He is right of course. If you still believe in a magic god fairy in 2011 (152 years after Darwin's Origin of Species) you're an idiot.

A recent Gallup poll showed that only 16% of Americans accept evolution without supernatural magic. This means at least 84% of Americans have a childish belief in a god fairy. Does this mean 84% of Americans are idiots? Most definitely yes. They are all drooling morons. As stupid as it's possible to be. A belief in a magical god fairy is no less childish than believing in the magical Easter Bunny.

Why are so many Americans idiots? What's their problem?

That's easy to answer. Most Americans are members of the Christian Death Cult, the most idiotic invention in history. They believe their dead decomposing Jeebus was resurrected into a zombie who later flew up to the clouds. You can't get more retarded than that. Even worse Americans believe they are going to be resurrected into a magical heaven, never caring how ridiculous and cowardly the heaven fantasy is, never caring heaven made the 9/11 terrorists attacks possible, never caring about our trillion dollar wars that 9/11 made possible. Americans are fucking idiots.

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