Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why some people are able to recover from religious brainwashing while other people remain permanently god-soaked with no hope of being cured.

I have met many victims of religious indoctrination who are way beyond incurable. They understand the religious implications of science so they deny evolution and they refuse to study it. They figure why bother learning something that couldn't possibly be true. Any curiosity they might have had when they were younger has been totally sucked out of them. Their idiotic god belief has become a major part of their life. They couldn't throw out their childish superstitions for the same reason they couldn't intentionally chop off one of their hands. It's just unthinkable for them to throw out their supernatural fantasies.

In most cases their mental illness is incurable because they're just plain stupid. There are exceptions. There are people who are not morons but they're still god-soaked science deniers. I've met religious people who seem to be very intelligent. They are very successful at their careers. They are able to think and use logic to solve complex problems.

Then later I notice something odd about them. I hear them talking about strange things like praying. I find out they're evolution deniers. I think that's interesting, I know they're not morons but still they deny the most important basic fact of science. I attempt to reason with them. Then I find out it's like they can't hear me. I realize they can't understand because they don't want to understand. For them god made people out of nothing. Period. There's no reason to consider any other alternative. Their minds are cemented shut and nothing else can get in there.

These same people, if they were born into a family that wasn't god-soaked, if their parents stressed the importance of science education, they would have grown up to be normal adults, totally free of any supernatural bullshit infecting their minds. Instead they were brainwashed and the mental child abuse was intense, lasting many years. Maybe if somebody was able to help them before they were 21 years old they might have had a chance to be normal but now it's too late. They will waste the rest of their lives believing in insane bullshit and there is nothing that can be done for them.

The problems caused by the god disease are not limited to the victims. God-soaked idiots will most certainly do everything they can to infect their own children. Often they will attack science education and that's a problem for everyone else's children. They also attack scientific progress and that's a problem for the entire human race. Even worse, every single day somewhere in the world, one or more of these sick people blow themselves up in the middle of a crowd, killing or injuring everyone there. For what? To please their magic god fairy. There's thousands of these insane assholes waiting in line to murder for their idiotic religion.

I can think of only one way to eradicate the world's out of control religious insanity. There must be mandatory science education starting at age six with a special emphasis on evolutionary biology. Unfortunately many students never get a satisfactory science education, and even when they're lucking enough to get a competent biology teacher in high school it's already too late because their religious brainwashing is irreversible.

The problem is getting worse. The suicide bombings occur so frequently it's become boring to read about it no matter how many dozens of innocent people are murdered. In Idiot America the Christian war against science education seems like it will never end. Even the 2005 Dover trial which cost taxpayers one million dollars was not enough to make Christian assholes understand they're not qualified to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs.

Perhaps it's best to just ignore the whole thing instead of wasting time trying to fight the overwhelming stupidity.

Why are some victims of religious indoctrination able to grow up and throw out the religious bullshit?

I suggest they already had what it takes to not believe the bullshit at a very young age. For example there's myself. I was a student at a Catholic school for nine years, kindergarten thru 8th grade. Virtually every year the teacher was a nun but one year, I think it was 3rd grade, we were lucky enough to get a human teacher (not a nun). She may or may not have been religious but she never talked about it. One day she had to take an hour off for some appointment so a nun substituted for her. The nun was an insane asshole and I can't stress the words insane and asshole strongly enough. If I was really smart I would have stood up in the middle of her babbling and told her she was full of shit and she should fuck off, being ready to defend myself if she tried to assault me. Instead I just sat there in terror like the rest of the students while the ugly nun told us how evil we are and how we most certainly are all going to go to her magical hell.

Later on the way home I was walking with another student who was constantly getting away with stuff he shouldn't have been doing. He told me he was afraid of the nun's threats. Even though I was very young I knew the nun was an idiot and so I told my friend to not worry, he's not going to hell. So even though I had bought the god bullshit I was not able to believe all the bullshit.

Then much later in high school a couple of things happened that changed my life. First I was asked by my girlfriend "Why do you go to church?" I was so shocked by the question I was speechless so she changed the subject. Then later at church for two Sundays in a row the pastor during his sermon could only talk about one thing, why we should give away more of our hard-earned money to the wealthy Vatican. Not much later I announced to my family I was no longer going to church. I just didn't believe any of it anymore. Because I had endured several years of intense brainwashing it took me a bit longer to completely throw out all the god fairy bullshit, but now after studying science for a few years I am totally convinced god, which is just another word for magic, is not necessary for anything, and of course magic is a ridiculously childish fantasy.

Unfortunately millions of victims don't have what it takes to grow up. They are wasting their lives and they don't even know it.

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  1. i threw out the idea of god around age 6 when i saw my dad putting presents under the tree, instead of santa lol.


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