Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christian assholes need to learn how to mind their own business.

This post is about a subject which is boring for me. I'm not interested in it. I'm writing about it anyway because of something I just read in the New York Times which is an excellent example of Christian assholes who can't mind their own fucking business.

In 1992 American voters could choose one of three people for President, Bill Clinton or the first President Bush (the father of the 2nd President Bush) or Ross Perot. The most insane debate for this election was the one debate between the candidates for Vice-President, Al Gore, Dan Quayle, and James Stockdale (Perot's running mate). Gore and Quayle acted like idiots. Stockdale was the only adult.

At the debate James Stockdale was asked his position on abortion and it's legality. His reply was perfect and short. He said "I believe that what a woman does with her own body is her business, period." When the moderator looked at him as if to ask, "Is that IT?" he repeated the word "period!"

It's not necessary to say anything more about it (but I will anyway). Whether or not a person thinks abortion is right or wrong, whatever that person's opinion is doesn't matter because it's not their business to make decisions about the private lives of other people. I have an idea that might sound a bit extreme to wimpy people but I think it should be legal to kill anyone who sticks their nose into somebody else's private life. My idea will never be legal but it sure would be the quickest solution to the problem.

My opinion about abortion, which doesn't matter because it's none of my business, is who cares? I'm not interested in decisions other people make about their private lives.

However there is one thing I'm concerned about. Going back once again to 1992, I took time off work in downtown Chicago to be at a massive rally for presidential candidate Bill Clinton. I was able to get in front of hundreds of thousands of people thanks to a pass given to me by a neighbor at the bus stop that morning. When Mr. Clinton talked about the importance of keeping abortion legal the crowd roared. I thought that was a bit much. Everyone was so fanatical about it I was waiting for someone to yell "kill the fetuses".

My point is, and it's what I'm concerned about, is the intelligent people of America seem to be in love with abortion. Meanwhile America's massive retard population, as known as Christian morons, are reproducing like rabbits. If you saw the 2006 movie Idiocracy you might understand what I'm worried about which is artificial selection for stupidity.

Back to the subject of this post which is Christian tards need to learn how to mind their own fucking business.

For an example of out-of-control morally corrupt Christian assholes who have nothing better to do than force everyone else to obey their fake moral values please see The Christian assholes of the most backward uneducated state of Idiot America want to put young women in prison for making their own decisions about their private lives.

“I view it as transformative,” said Brad Prewitt, a lawyer and executive director of the Yes on 26 campaign, which is named for the Mississippi proposition. “Personhood is bigger than just shutting abortion clinics; it’s an opportunity for people to say that we’re made in the image of God.”

The same uneducated morons who deny the overwhelming evidence for evolution and who believe the disgusting resurrection of the dead Jeebus fantasy, also want to force everyone else to obey the rules of their zombie religion. This is another example for why the Christian Death Cult should not be tolerated. Religious insanity in Idiot America must be eradicated.


PZ wrote about this Christian tard problem at Mississippi’s shame.

This is interesting:

As for supporting life, Mississippi’s infant mortality rate is the worst of any state in the nation. The number of babies who die as infants in Mississippi is double the number of abortions annually.

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