Friday, April 27, 2012

It's interesting that 100% of evolution deniers are creationists.

This post is a conversation between me (not italics) and my invisible friend (italics).

The backward excessively religious country I live in, Idiot America, is infested with millions of evolution deniers.

What is evolution?

The only scientific explanation for the development of new species.

What is an evolution denier?

A drooling moron who says evolution can't explain the diversity of life despite extraordinarily powerful evidence for evolution from molecular biology and many other branches of science, and despite the complete acceptance of evolution by every scientist and every educated person in the world.

Why are evolution deniers called creationists?

The uneducated morons who deny evolution are called creationists because to explain the diversity of life they invoke a fantasy called magical creationism.

What is magical creationism?

It's a supernatural fantasy about a deity who uses its unlimited magical powers to create millions of species out of nothing.

Is there more than one version of magical creationism?

Yes. There is a version called magical intelligent design creationism.

What is magical intelligent design creationism?

It's a supernatural fantasy about a deity who uses its unlimited magical powers to create millions of species out of nothing.

You said the same thing about magical creationism. What's different about magical intelligent design creationism?

Magical creationism and magical intelligent design creationism are identical fantasies. The only difference is the two words "intelligent design" which were invented in a pathetic attempt to make their childish fantasy look like a scientific idea.

Did they get away with their dishonest bullshit?

No. Everyone knew immediately these creationists are dishonest fucking assholes.

Why would even the most retarded idiot believe in something as ridiculous as magical creation out of nothing? 

I don't know.  Perhaps it's because they have a cowardly fear of reality so they invent fantasies that let them pretend reality will go away by just wishing it will go away. Obviously these people are severely mentally disturbed.

Are there really millions of these fucking idiots in America?

It's really true. Polls show that about 150 million Americans, half the population, believe a god waved its magic wand to create every single species in the world, and it did this only 10,000 years ago.

Wow. 50% of Americans are reality deniers. That's amazing. At least the other half are normal.

Not really. Most of the other 50% of Americans who accept evolution think supernatural magic is one of the mechanisms of evolution. So it's fair to say the vast majority of Americans are infected with the magical creationism disease.

What percent of Americans accept evolution as a completely natural process?

Only 16% of Americans accept evolution without invoking a magical god to invent, guide, or use evolution.

Do Americans (who pollute evolution with god bullshit) invoke their fairy for any other natural processes?

No. Only evolution gets the "god guided" fantasy.

Do Americans who completely deny evolution deny any other natural processes?

Yes. For example some of these tards invoke their fairy for everything but they are mostly afraid of evolution. When they complain about science education it's always the teaching of evolution that they're worried about.

How do they expect biology teachers to teach biology without teaching the foundation of biology?

They want this dumbing down of science education because they're fucking morons, and because they want their children (and everyone else's children) to be fucking morons. 

Why do creationists attack only the teaching of evolution and not other branches of science?

Probably because evolution threatens the brainwashing that taught them they are special magical creations of a loving god. They believe the entire universe was magically created just for them, and their fairy made them in its own image. They believe their magical master of the entire universe looks like a male human ape. 

Americans are more batshit crazy than I could have imagined possible.

It's still worse than you think. I didn't tell you about the angels, the devils, the magical life after death, and the resurrection of a preacher man (the magic Jeebus) into a zombie.

Is America a country or the world's largest insane asylum?

It's both.

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