Monday, April 30, 2012

At a news website a bible-thumping evolution-denying asshole is allowed to write about evolution, as if what a fucking idiot writes about science isn't bullshit.

I wrote these comments at Criticizing evolution now protected in Tennessee and a Bible thumping retard says that's a good thing.

"To evolution's true believers, there is no other side worth mentioning."

Is that what you call all the world's biologists, "evolution's true believers"?

Biologists are called "biologists". It's not necessary to say they completely accept the established truth of evolution because every educated person already knows that.

Also, it is not correct to say biologists "believe" in evolution. Belief is a word for ideas that have no evidence (for example all the childish religious fantasies that uneducated morons use to replace the science of evolutionary biology). Biologists "accept" evolution because it has massive and extremely powerful evidence from many branches of science including molecular biology.

"Today, we bow before science, not because it has all the answers, but because we have been taught to believe that the latest scientific theory is the best explanation, even if that theory is not supported by the actual scientific method."

Since there are millions of species there will always be research opportunities in evolutionary biology and that's a good thing.

Evolution is not supported by the actual scientific method?

You should tell that to the brilliant molecular biologists at Harvard and MIT then watch what happens.

I'm sorry sir, but you obviously know nothing about biology or any other branch of science and you're not qualified to write about. You are only interested in inventing hiding places that don't exist for your god of the gaps.

What you call "academic freedom" is freedom for incompetent god-soaked biology teachers to lie to their students about science. Instead of making their incompetence legal, these worse than worthless teachers should be fired and publicly humiliated.

Unfortunately you are only one of millions of uneducated people who think they know more about biology than all the world's biologists. The truth is you science deniers know absolutely nothing about the science that makes your magic Jeebus man cry. Instead of hiding in the everything-is-magic fantasy world you live in, you should read Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne, then learn how to grow up and face facts.

There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms.
-- Encyclopedia Britannica 

"Weylan Deaver earned a B.A. degree (Bible/Philosophy) from Freed-Hardeman University, and an M.B.S. degree from the Bear Valley Bible Institute."

He's a professional bible thumper!!!

And this uneducated moron thinks he's qualified to write about science.

The stupidity burns out of control in Idiot America.

"He and his wife have four homeschooled children."

He and his wife abuse their own children with their anti-science Christian insanity.

This child abuse is legal but it's contemptible. This is why Christians must not be allowed to home school their children. It's immoral to let these people make their children permanently stupid. Evolution must be taught to very young children by qualified science teachers at a public school.

But, as Lovan noted in his piece, “83 percent of home-schooling parents want to give their children ‘religious or moral instruction.’” I weep for those children. For many of them are simply being brainwashed by their parents. Yes, that’s what it is—brainwashing. For a parent to ignore 150 years of solid science, feeding their children lies based on theology, is to deprive those children of the wonder of the universe—a wonder based on truth rather than medieval superstition. It kills off the part of a child that most needs nurturing: her sense of wonder, and all the possibilities of life that are opened up by that wonder. How many budding biologists have been stifled by their parents’ willful ignorance of science, and on their insistence that the Bible is the real source of biological information? Generation after generation of ignorance and religious dogmatism, all perpetuated by religiously based home-schooling.
-- Jerry Coyne

Type "darwin killed god" in the google search box then click the I'm Feeling Lucky button.


At another website,, a fucking idiot showed off his idiocy. Here's his comment and my two replies:

Technically, creationism and intelligent design (ID) are completely different theories, since they come at the central questions from opposite starting points.  Still, a given individual can believe in both theories, as well as certain parts of evolution, simultaneously.  I am one of those individuals, just so you know where I'm coming from.  After all, we all enter this dialogue with biases, so you might as well know mine.  To claim that scientists avoid all bias is naive.  I sometimes wonder if some scientists have ever really probed the central ideas of ID, or if it is all too easy to write it off, using a handy label (creationism), and slide it under the rug.

ID advocates are simply asking the scientific community to take an unbiased look at the facts, and not pre-judge (rule out) any particular direction the evidence may lead.  I am not a biologist, but a number of noted biologists have looked at the evidence -- and new facts that have become evident in the last 25 to 30 years -- and have concluded that there is evidence of intelligence in the natural world's design.  One must first define what "intelligence" is, of course, but ID theory is not just a sham.  It certainly has no more holes in it or missing links than evolutionary theory.  The public seems to recognize that, which gets back to the original article.

"Technically, creationism and intelligent design (ID) are completely different theories"

Since when did your childish idiotic supernatural fantasies become scientific theories?

You also wrote "I am not a biologist."

That's very obvious. You know nothing about any branch of science.

"but a number of noted biologists have looked at the evidence -- and new facts that have become evident in the last 25 to 30 years -- and have concluded that there is evidence of intelligence in the natural world's design."

You're a liar. You're a stinking liar. Name one, just one, real biologist who doesn't laugh at the idiotic religious fantasy called magical intelligent design creationism. Real scientists are not science deniers.

What evidence does magical intelligent design creationism have? You can't even describe your fairy's magic wand. Grow up.

Believe what you want. Nobody cares about your stupidity. But you got a lot of nerve to spread lies about science and scientists. You should apologize.

"I sometimes wonder if some scientists have ever really probed the central ideas of ID"

As if real biologists are going to spend one second of their time probing magic.

Stop calling your childish fantasies "design". Call it what you really believe, magical creation out of nothing. Be a tard boy if you want, but at least be honest about what your mental illness really is. You believe in magic, and you're so incredibly stupid you expect scientists to not point at you and laugh. Instead you expect them to probe magic. The insanity burns.

"One must first define what intelligence is, of course, but ID theory is not just a sham."


One must first define what MAGIC is, of course, but MAGIC theory is not just a sham.

Your magic fantasy is a lot worse than a sham. It's pure idiocy. Grow up.

"It certainly has no more holes in it or missing links than evolutionary theory."

Magic most certainly does have a major hole. It's 100% pure bull*****.

Evolution is the strongest fact of science. It's dishonest to say evolution has holes which is equivalent to saying reality has holes.

There will always be research opportunities in evolutionary biology, but scientists do not call these points for future understanding "holes". Only science deniers like you use that word. Would you call our planet's orbit around the sun a theory with holes? Hopefully even you are not that stupid. Evolution has more evidence than any other scientific fact so stop spreading lies about it.


It's interesting that evolution deniers virtually always call evolution "darwinism". Why can't they call evolution "evolution"? Perhaps this has something to do with their incurable mental illness.

We will see if this comment which I wrote at Is Darwinism Theologically Neutral? gets published or censored:

"Francis Collins, a devout evangelical who headed the Human Genome Project, founded the BioLogos Foundation in 2007 for the purpose of advocating evolutionary theory as a viable option for evangelicals."

I wonder how that's going. Did any evangelicals decide to accept the scientific fact that we have a close evolutionary relationship with chimpanzee apes? Did any Christian fundamentalist accept the fact that people are one of the modern Great Ape species, as are chimps, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans?

I bet the number of Christian extremists who accept the scientific fact that the god-man they worship is nothing more than a dead ape, is zero.

Scientists like Francis Collins, by the way, are extremely rare. Most biologists don't personally know any theist scientists.

"Is Darwinism Theologically Neutral?" is an interesting question. Of course evolution only describes the development of new species. It doesn't say anything about supernatural magic or what most people call god. However I noticed evolution does make every god ever invented rather useless. Most certainly a magical god had absolutely nothing to do with the development of any species, including our small twig on the vast evolutionary tree. Evolution eliminated the most important gap for the god of the gaps to hide in. Perhaps that's why virtually all evangelicals have a very low opinion of evolutionary biology.


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