Friday, April 20, 2012

Investigating Mysteries of Polar Bears’ Ancestry With a DNA Lens

The common ancestor of polar bears and brown bears lived 600,000 years ago.

The article is from today's Friday April 20, 2012 New York Times.

Evolution deniers, notice that when molecular biologists compare DNA sequences of two different species, they are able to determine how long ago was the evolutionary split between these two creatures. In this example they showed that the common ancestor of polar bears and brown bears lived 600,000 years ago. Another discovery which was published a few years ago showed that the evolutionary split of the common ancestors of modern human apes and modern chimpanzee apes occurred about six million years ago. Also, DNA analysis showed that these two ape species, before they started looking too different from each other, would occasionally mate with each other for a few hundred thousand years after the split until about five million years ago.

Meanwhile, despite all this amazing scientific progress, you creationists deny the whole thing, preferring the idiotic idea these two ape species (people and chimps) were magically created out of nothing by a god fairy.
Creationists, please consider the advantages of growing up. For example if you ever decide to join the 21st century instead of hiding in the Dark Ages, people will stop pointing at you and ridiculing you.

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